Private Utilities and Water

by Dave on June 2, 2008

Ok, you so just moved to the area and live in Lewes, but not really downtown Lewes…. Your friends back in PA ask you if you have municipal water and you say yes, but still are not sure if your answer is correct. All you know is that clean water is running from the tap. Well, I am here to educate all new home buyers to the water mystery in Sussex County.

If you live in an incorporated town then you have city water (check your bill). If you live in the rural outposts away from the big cities, such as Rehoboth and Dewey, then you most likely have either well water or private water. Well water comes from, well, the ground. It usually tastes better than city water (my opinion) and costs less, or until you have to replace your water pump every 12 years.

Private water also comes from the ground, but it pumped by a Public Service Commission (the state regulatory body in charge of water enforcement) approved utility like Tidewater or Artesian. These utilities have the state approval to supply all developments outside of towns with potable water. Developers must use one of these two utilities since there are no other that submit proposals for the business. So, now you should know a little about the quirky ways of Sussex County.

For additional info on water utilities check out and I will attempt to uncover the mysteries of wastewater next week since most new residents still do not understand why they do not have town sewer bills……good luck and be cautious with how much water you use this summer, especially if you are on a budget!

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