Cows and TGIF

by Dave on June 19, 2008

2008-photos-mb-sony-180.jpgOk, your a local and you plan on staying here this weekend. What to do? No, cow tippin is not the correct answer. Well, I suggest the following since the weather is forecast to be perfect, or at least near perfection.

First, I would rent a kayak from Quest Fitness and Kayak and paddle from Herring Pointe to the Cape Lighthouse. This paddle is easy for experts and just long enough for beginners. Don’t forget a friend for safety and plenty of sun screen.

I would then suggest spending an evening in Dewey Beach checking out the ole’ watering holes like the Starboard and Lighthouse, but also visit the new pubs such as Nalu and the redesigned Rudder.

Lastly, I would borrow or buy, but probably borrow if your a local, a nice book from one of the areas many bookstores. I would suggest a bookstore, but since you are a local you already know where to go. So, get the book, head to the sand, and soak up the sun. Good luck and don’t forget to at least drink one Dogfish brew to support the most happening business in Milton since the Wells Dairy Farm (yes, they are the farm on Route 16 that raises COWS)!

Oh, by the way, the Hopkins Creamery on Route 9 is almost open (and yes, they are one of the other local farms that raises COWS). I forgot one more thing — enjoy a glass of local Lewes Diary Milk from the Wells….probably should blog on that next week….see ya!

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Cindi Susi June 20, 2008 at 6:05 am

YUM…..Lewes Dairy Milk is the BEST !!!!!!

FYI…here are a couple of places I know of to get books in the area:
Browse-a-Bout (Sp?) Book Store on Rehoboth Avenue, and Atlantic Books have a few locations, Rt. 1 next to Pier One is one of em. Starbucks is right next door is you want that iced carmel latte’ from Starbuck !

Oh yeah, while you’re on Rehoboth Ave., don’t forget to grab that slice of Grotto’s pizza or Louie’s cheese fries or some Dolly’s carmel popcorn while you’re on the beach soaking up the sun, reading and sippin’ on your Dogfish Head brew !!!!! Ok, so I lied…you can’t suck down a Dogfish brew on the beach, atleast in Rehoboth you can’t. You may want to get that carmel latte’ instead !

Merritt you are a hoot ! Love your blogs !

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