Delaware : Woodland Beach

by Dave on June 22, 2008

bilde6.jpgHere at we aim to share information and promote quality journalism. With that said, we would like to direct every-one’s attention to where there is a great article on Woodland Beach and other Kent County beaches. Years ago all beaches north of Broadkill were happening spots for love, relaxation and recreation. Here’s a taste:

“I come down just to sit and listen to the water,” says John Monroe, clutching a fishing pole holding taut its long line in the water. “Or sit on the rocks and watch the boats go by.”

This is a hometown beach where, on most days, you’re likely to see only a handful of people.

“It’s not like Rehoboth, where there’s a thousand people every square mile,” the Clayton resident says.

That’s for sure.

The first of several abbreviated beaches stretching unobtrusively at that amorphous place where the Delaware River becomes the upper Delaware Bay, Woodland Beach is home to fishermen, crabbers, families — some retired or just starting — and a stillness, punctuated by the cries of birds and hushed slaps of water against the sand.

And where, if you step on a piece of glass, you’re more than likely not going to cut your foot.

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