Lewes: Dog-Friendly Vacation in ‘The Sun’

by Dave on June 22, 2008

The Baltimore Sun today features an article from reporter Meredith Cohn about vacationing at the Delaware Beaches with her dog, Dizzy.

From the Sun:

One late April weekend, my husband, Doug, and I packed up and headed to the small and historic resort town of Lewes, Del., which is about five miles north of Rehoboth Beach and about 15 miles north of Ocean City.

We wanted someplace not too far a drive, since we only had a weekend. With Lewes only about 110 miles away, the round-trip in my compact car didn’t even use up a tank of gas.

The travel industry has become more accommodating of the two-legged who insist on bringing along their four-legged family members. But we’ve endeavored to take Dizzy along on holiday before and have struggled to find reasonable accommodations for a couple of days at the beach.

But for this trip, we searched online and found a little bed-and-breakfast called the Lazy L at Willow Creek, just outside of downtown Lewes. Since it was early in the season, a room with a queen bed was a bargain at $150 a night, plus tax and pet fee.

As Joanne Cassidy, one of the innkeepers, noted, there is a difference between “pet tolerant” and “pet friendly.” And this place was certainly the friendly sort, provided so is your dog.

They ventured into Rehoboth:

On our drive to Rehoboth, we were hampered a bit by some road construction. We headed right for Nicola Pizza for one of the essential beach food groups. Dizzy waited outside while we ordered takeout. The family-owned business makes its own dough and sauce, which it advertises as fat free. Not fat-free is the cheese, plentiful on the pizza, in the stromboli that’s called Nic-O-Boli and on the salad.

Broadkill Beach…

Doug and I lulled about the B&B for a while and then headed to Broadkill Beach, one of five public beaches on the Delaware Bay. It’s, you guessed it, dog friendly. It felt downright small town when we ran into Heather and her family on their way in as we were headed out.

And Lewes….

In general, Dizzy prefers sniffing, digging and running to swimming. Maybe he’s reminded of paddling for his life in New Orleans. He also likes lunch. So, we headed into Lewes for our next meal. In all my trips to Rehoboth, I’d never been to this neighboring town. Settled by the Dutch in 1631, today it has plenty of places in which to eat and shop among its neat, little New England-style streets. Many of the area’s charter fishing boats dock at its piers, as does the Cape May-Lewes Ferry that runs to New Jersey.

Dizzy picked out some treats at a shop called Pups, which catered to, well, you know. We picked up sandwiches at Notting Hill Coffee Roastery and ate outside at a picnic table facing a marina.

So if you’re a dog lover like we are (our boss is a dog, for crying out loud), the Delaware Beaches are the place for you.

Thanks to Meredith Cohn and the Baltimore Sun for pointing it out. Check out the whole article for much more on their pet-friendly trip to the Delaware beaches.

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RG PetComm June 22, 2008 at 4:14 pm

For those who can’t leave your pets behind here are some travel tips so visit your local pet supplies store:

• Make sure your pet’s shots are up-to-date.
• Do not administer any medication or treatments without first discussing them with your veterinarian.
• Obtain documentation from your vet to show that your pet’s vaccinations are current, and that your companion is healthy.
• If you are traveling to another country, check with that nation’s embassy.
• Make sure your pets are wearing collars with current Identification tags.
• Pack any medications your pet may be taking.
• If you are traveling by automobile, think about the animal’s safety as well as your own.
• Do not leave an animal unattended in a vehicle.
• Check with the Airline Carrier for specific requirements when traveling with your pet.
• Try to book a direct flight to your destination to eliminate additional stress by airline transfers.
• Call your hotel/motel ahead to confirm that pets are accepted and if any additional fees are required.

Good Dog Panda!!

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