Video: Randy Nelson on Bluewater Wind Deal

by Dave on June 24, 2008

Here is former WGMD talk radio host Randy Nelson on the historic wind farm deal. Nelson was an early and consistent proponent of the project.


Perry Hood June 24, 2008 at 7:25 am

I concur with Randy Nelson’s analysis. This is indeed a bipartisan triumph which will add to the prosperity of our state with jobs and lower energy costs, while at the same time begin to actually address the global warming crisis in which we find ourselves immersed. I congratulate every single individual who stepped forward on behalf of this project, especially to Tom Noyes, kavips and Pat Gearity who fought this battle on a daily basis. And finally plaudits go to Senator DeLuca who shepherded this final win-win solution in spite of a recalcitrant Senate leadership.

Local Guy June 24, 2008 at 9:25 am

Randy, you are much too modest. YOU, and YOU alone brought wind power to Delaware! Thanks to your work at WGMD. Thank you to Dan Gafney for bringing you to WGMD so that you could bring wind power to us. Thanks to David Schoumacher for bringing Dan to WGMD, so he could bring You to WGMD, so you could bring wind to us. Thanks to David’s mother and father for bringing him to the world to buy wgmd to bring dan to bring you to bring wind! As Obama said “we can look back to this moment as the day the oceans stopped rising,and the planet started to heal”

Energy Guy

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