Independence Day Moment

by Dave on July 5, 2008

As I sit here thinking of this great nation on this momentous day, I cannot help but to be reminded of the obstacles that we have triumphantly overcome as a country to get to this point. Our Founding Fathers saw that their government had become tyrannical in its oppression of its citizens, and even though it meant that this little backwater without an army would face certain war with the strongest nation in the world, they overcame their fear and successfully won our Independence from Great Britain.

The Roman historian Tacitus wrote that “The desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.” The founding of this new nation was a great and noble enterprise, and our Founders decided that it was not just necessary; it was their duty, to risk their very lives in the pursuit of this noble purpose.

The people that founded this great nation had such a love of Freedom and Liberty that they were willing to risk everything to break the yoke of tyranny. They had no army, no navy, no money, and no authority to create them. Their enemy had the advantage in manpower, experience, guns, ammo, technology, and money. The only earthly advantage that the Founders had was that right was on their side.

That right to be free was so powerful and so moving to them that they unanimously signed Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence. Courage and sense of honor so emboldened our Fathers that they officially declared they would rather die than allow the government to suppress them.

There are many reasons that make me proud of my country and proud to be an American, but the fact that this great nation has triumphed so many times in the face of dire odds and yet risen to its present glory out of a complete and total obscurity, makes my heart swell with love for these United States of America.

Christian Hudson

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