Weekend Plans

by Dave on July 17, 2008

images1.jpgThe weekend is upon us again and I would like to remind all viewers that if you are planning to enjoy the outdoors to be aware of ticks. During the summer ticks feed on rodents and whitetail deer in our area. We, as humans, are easy targets in wooded areas, dune grass, and along the edge of fields. The best prevention is to check your body at the end of the day; however spraying bug repellent with DEET before you venture outdoors is also a good idea.

Other preventative measures include wearing long sleeved clothes, bright color shirts and shorts, and staying away from popular tick habitat such as tall grass and woody areas.

If you do find a tick ask a friend to remove it with tweezers very carefully. If you notice a red rash or “Bulls Eye” on your body you probably have the first stages of Lyme Disease. Seek medical attention right away. LD can be cured in the early stages.

For more information on ticks visit www.lyme.org.

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