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by Dave on July 18, 2008

The Delaware Office of Highway Safety has released a new statewide enforcement initiative called ” Stop speeding before it stops you.”  As many of you know aggressive speeding kills a number of people on Delaware’s roads each year. 62% of all fatalities are caused by speeders! 

OHS launched the 2008 “Stop Aggressive Driving” Campaign in July. This year’s campaign has a new focus…speed enforcement. In 2007, 62% of Delaware’s fatal crashes were caused by aggressive driving behaviors, with speed being the most frequently cited violation. Nationally, nearly 13,500 people died in speed-related crashes in 2006.

With this in mind, OHS decided to change its strategy and focus on preventing speed related fatal crashes and injuries instead of those crashes attributed to aggressive driving in general. However, in addition to speeders, officers are still arresting other dangerous drivers such as those who run red lights, or are impaired by drugs and or alcohol.

Our message: Stop Speeding Before it Stops You! – OHS is putting additional officers on the road in all three counties to crack down on speeding drivers. Enforcement will be conducted statewide by the Delaware State Police, as well as Dover Police in Kent County, and Wilmington and New Castle County Police in the northern part of the state. While there will be some enforcement on I – 95 and Route 1, drivers are more likely to see officers on secondary roads, where crash data shows that most of the speed related fatal and injury crashes occur.

To complement the enforcement initiative, a multi-faceted media campaign focusing on how much speeding can cost you will be implemented. In addition to the potential for loss of life, speeding will cost you money from citations, higher insurance costs from points on your license, and more money for gas. According to the Department of Energy, aggressive driving ( speeding, rapid acceleration and braking) can lower gas mileage by 33 percent at highway speeds and 5 percent around town. The agency also estimates that, as a rule of thumb, drivers can assume that each 5 mph they drive above 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas.

Motorists are encouraged to report aggressive drivers: You can make a difference. Call 911 to report aggressive drivers. Please provide as much information to dispatchers as possible, while keeping personal safety in mind. Callers should try to provide a description of the vehicle (color, SUV vs sedan, make or model if possible), the direction of travel, and if they can safely read it…the license plate. The safest thing to do is to pull over to make the call on your cell phone if possible, or have another caller do it for you. If its not possible then dial cautiously to report the aggressive driver. Dispatchers will broadcast a Be On the Lookout message to officers in that area who will attempt to make contact with the aggressive driver.

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