Coastal Sussex : Blue Crabs

by Dave on July 27, 2008


Coastal Sussex County, Delaware is the perfect vacation location to enjoy a tasty Blue Crab. 

Blue crabs were aptly named “blue” for there sapphire tinted claws. They typically live 1-3 years, and can be found all along the Delaware coast and inland bays.  Females only mate once in their lifetime. 

To catch crabs here is are a few quick tips:

1. Buy your crab traps from a local outdoor store (Bills, Wal-Mart, Cedar Creek Outdoorsman) 

2. Find an ioslated and legal crab pot location (typically anywhere in the inland bays) 

3. Set crab traps/pots with raw chicken and/or squid

3. Leave the traps for 24-48 hours

4. Collect pots, select only legal crabs 

5. Take crabs home and steam accordingly

To enjoy Blue Crabs locally we suggest heading to the following crab houses for a wonderful crab picking experience.

Lazy Susan’s Crab House – 645-5115

Jimmy Lynn’s – 644-9329

Copps Seafood – 645-9112

Lewes Seafood House – 644-0708

FYI – a bushel of crabs is selling between $180 and $260.  Call around for the best price.  Crab houses outside of Lewes typically have much lower prices.

The photo was borrowed from National Geographic.

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