SwellInfo Surf Forecast

by Dave on August 7, 2008

Did you know that Delaware has their own surf forecast website?

The Swellinfo mission is to produce and organize the best swell and weather information available in the world, and to provide this information to the user in a simple and free format specific to their local region.

There is an abundance of surf forecasting and weather resources on the web these days, but they often lack important details and require the user to go to many different web sites to get a complete view of the upcoming surf. Swellinfo aims to produce the absolute best quality information for the user’s local area and have it all easily accessible on one page. Swellinfo forecasts are simple enough for the beginner surfers and watermen, but include all the detailed weather data and charts for the most advanced surf forecasters and meteorologists.

Lead Forecaster and CEO:
Micah Sklut, M.S.
Micah received his Masters of Science degree from the University of Delaware in climatology in 2005 where his research focused on ocean/atmosphere interactions through the use of global climate modeling. This knowledge engaged his appetite in the surf forecasting realm, and after graduation he quickly dove into the ocean wave modeling scene. His ambition to produce the most complete wave model for the surfing population has now blossomed into what we now see as Swellinfo.com.

Micah has been studying and forecasting surf and weather for the past decade. His forecasting career started out by providing the local US Mid Atlantic scene daily forecasts on a local web site, and has since worked for multiple companies providing forecasts all over the United States and around the World. Micah is also attracted to surf cinematography and in 2003 produced the first ever east coast bodyboarding film – MIA (“Missing In the Atlantic”).

So, to catch the latest swell or weather repott log onto www.swellinfo.com.

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