August 23 at the Historic Lewes Farmer’s Market

by Dave on August 21, 2008

Hello to all friends of the Historic Lewes Farmers Market.

What’s at Market, August 23, 2008, 8am-12pm, at the Lewes Historical Society Complex, 110 Shipcarpenter St., Lewes, DE

Hello friends!

Don’t you want to pledge?

Heirloom tomatoes, haricot verts, German Butterball potatoes, Japanese eggplant, Sugarheart Watermelon, French baguette, arugula salad, mixed berry shortbread cookies-it is really easy to eat locally during the months of August through October as the harvest really rolls in, and there are lots of local fruits and vegetables to choose from. Many of you have found sources of local meat, chicken, and fish and don’t forget our very own Lewes Dairy. Almost 100 of you have already taken the I Eat Local Pledge, but we need more of you to sign up to meet our goal, so please join us. All that we ask you to do is to commit to eating locally (food produced within a 100-mile radius) for a period defined by you. This can be one day, one week, one month-whatever amount of time you want to commit to buying and preparing local food. Have a fun time with it by organizing an Eat Local Beach Picnic or making local munchies for Bridge. If you want to describe your Eat Local Dinner Party or even your Eat Local Dinner for One you can email us at, and we’ll include your experience in the email newsletter. Take the pledge by signing up at the Market in August at the HLFM Table. If you sign up, you will be eligible to win an Historic Lewes Farmers Market Bag with a copy of Deborah Madison’s Local Flavors: Cooking and Eating from America’s Farmers’ Markets (drawing to take place at the Market on August 30).

The very popular Children’s Reading Program at the Market takes place 9-10 am every Saturday at the School House at the Lewes Historical Society Complex. This Saturday, there will be a “guest reader.” Molly Zygmonski, affectionately known by hundreds of Lewes kindergarteners as Mrs. Z, will be reading The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. For ages 3 to 8, but all children are welcome and encouraged to attend with their parents. Each week, a special book is chosen to reflect the themes of growth, change and healthy eating.

Bicycle Give Away

Only two more chances to enter the drawing for the vintage green 2008 Official Historic Lewes Farmers Market Phat Sea Crest 3 Cruiser. We give away a bicycle every year to encourage all of you who are able, to get out of your cars and bike (or walk) to the market. You can enter every Saturday you come to the market, so come often and your chances of winning get better. The drawing takes place on August 30 at 11am. (Not everyone can win, sad to say. For those who just cannot live without this bicycle, it is available by special order through Lewes Cycle–over the bridge on Savannah Rd. Tell ’em we sent you.)

What’s at Market this Saturday:

Backyard Jams and Jellies: Winner of Best in State for Softspreads (Jellies and Jams), and seven First Place Ribbons at the 2008 Delaware State Fair, including 1st place for her Bread and Butter Pickles. She will also have both Tomato Chutney and Tomato Jam as well as her newest concoction–Mango Hot Pepper Jelly. She will also be making Raspberry Jam and Blackberry Jam from her backyard bushes, and has mint jelly as well. For those of you that don’t want sugar, she will have 4 or 5 varieties to choose from that will feature fresh Strawberry, Strawberry Rhubarb, Blueberry Peach, and Apricot Jams. Also plenty of the award-winning Beach Plum Jelly. Stop by and get a taste-she always has samples.

Baues’ Busy Bees: Not at Market this Saturday.

Bella’s Cookies: Their fall signature lineup of cookies and treats start to arrive this Saturday at the Market (along with summer favorites): White Chocolate Blueberry with Ginger, Mixed Berry Shortbread (made with organic raspberry, blackberry and strawberry jam), and Bella’s brownies (rich and chocolaty). Also available will be a full lineup of vegan offerings: Sandy Beach (coconut sugar cookies), Chocolate Cherry, Raisin Spice (one of my favorites), and Oat & Honey. Gluten-free selections include Chocolate Chunk, Coconut Macaroons, and flourless Chocolate Tortes. From Verdi Good’s confections: English Toffee (Dinosaur Crunch) and Chocolate Peanut Brittle. Organic, hot-from-the-oven Cherry Cinnamon Buns will arrive at the market at approximately 8:30 am, and look for the Summer Farmers Market Breakfast Pie. Arctic Shaved Ice will feature an assortment of homemade syrups. Voted “Best Cookies in Delaware” two years in a row by Delaware Today magazine, Bella’s Cookies has been featured on the nationally syndicated Rachael Ray show.

Bennett Orchards: Bennett’s will feature its Yellow Freestone Fayette Peach this Saturday. This peach has a smooth outer texture and a juicy inside filled with flavor. It has excellent coloring and is a great August peach. Locate Bennett’s by the “Take a Peach to the Beach” sign.

Chapel’s Country Creamery: Chapel’s produces artisanal cheeses made with milk from their herd of Jersey and Holstein cows. All of the milk is free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical compounds. They will also bring a two-month-old white bloomy rind Chapelle, a one-year-aged cheddar bloomy rind. (Bloomy rind cheeses can be made of cow, goat or sheep milk. These are cheeses that are soft and creamy, and are covered with a snowy rind of white mold). Other cheeses from Chapel’s: Sundried Tomato and Basil Cheddar (a new variety and really yummy), Young Cheddar, Woodland (a bloomy rind semi-soft cheese), and Garlic and Chive Cheddar.

Cleckner Farm: Fresh eggs from free-range chickens.

Community Organics: Ground cherries. Watermelon (new and heirloom varieties-stop by for a sample). Cantaloupe. Community is growing fifty varieties of tomatoes this year. Heirloom Tomatoes: Brandywine, Black Krim, Fargo Yellow Pear, Red Zebra, Green Zebra, Cherokee Purple, Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, Rose de Berne, Garden Peach, Eva Purple Ball, Cosmonaut Volkov, Pruden’s Purple, and many others. Others: Sun Gold Cherry, White Cherry. Hybrid Tomatoes: Red slicing varieties including Jet Star, Celebrity, Red Sun, and Tropic. Green Tomatoes. Tomatillos. Legacy Rocambole Garlic. Red, Kennebec White, and Yukon Gold potatoes. Various Eggplants: Ping Tung, Rosa Bianca, and Thai Long Green. Mixed variety of hot peppers and sweet peppers.

Davidson Exotic Mushrooms: Portabellos, Shiitake, Crimini, and Oyster mushrooms, as well as mixed. They will also be grilling portabella samples, and Terry will have her recipe of the day “Mushroom Joes” (Sloppy Joes made with Crimini mushrooms rather than meat). A great vegetarian dish!

Deep Grass Nursery: USDA Certified Organic. Heirloom Tomatoes: Chocolate Cherry (chocolate colored cherry tomato-a favorite at the Tomato Festival Tasting), Taxi (small yellow tomato with great taste), Cherokee Purple, Red Brandywine, Valencia, and Washington Cherry. Others: Sun Sugar Cherry. Cantaloupe. Watermelon (really sweet and juicy). Green beans. Magenta and Nevada lettuces. Yellow Squash. Cucumbers. French Tarragon Vinegar and other vinegars. Zucchini Bread. Jams and Jellies. Fresh fruit pies. Basil Pesto. Really good Zucchini Relish from a recipe that has been handed down for four generations.

Eggs of a Feather: More free-range duck eggs this week as well as a limited amount of the beautiful green-to-blue colored eggs from Bill’s free-range, pastured chickens. Bill is bringing another of the Ameraucana roosters-this Saturday it’s showtime for “Pretty Boy Floyd” and a hen, as of yet unnamed, of the same breed.

Fifers: Gala and Ginger Gold Apples. Plums. Nectarines. Raspberries. Tomatoes. Nectarines. Peaches (white and yellow freestone). Cut flowers, and more.

Fischers’ Farm: The Fischers will be at the Market this Saturday with Gala and Early Mac Apples, and the most fabulous Asian Pears you will ever have a chance to eat!

Freeman’s Farm: Sweet bi-color corn (Temptation Variety). Valentino green string beans. Vine-ripened tomatoes. Summer squash. Golden Zucchini. Cue-Ball, One-Ball, and Eight-Ball Zucchinis (all are great on the grill). Pickle Bush Pickling Cucumber. Turbo slicing cucumbers. Eggplants.

Good Earth Market and Organic Farm: USDA Certified Organic. Heirloom Tomatoes: Peacevine, Green Zebra, Yellow Pear, Garden Peach, and Red Calabash. Cucumbers, eggplant, and peppers. Vibrant farm mix of Cut Flowers. Cut herbs (mint and basil). Handmade Organic Pepper Relish. Handmade Soaps.

Good For You Natural Market and Organic Farm: Not at Market this week.

Greenbranch Organic Farm:Golden Gopher Cantaloupe. Sunshine Yellow Flesh Watermelons. Edamame Soybeans (edible soybeans that are great as snacks or appetizers). Aristotle Bell Peppers. Easter-egg Radishes. Fairy Tale, Japanese and Nadia Eggplants. French Fingerling, German Butterball, and Russian Banana Potatoes. Yellow and Zephyr Bi-color Squash. Tigress and Magda Zucchini. Jalapeno Peppers. Sun Gold Cherry Tomatoes. Heirloom tomatoes: Brandywine, Striped German, Black Krim, Black Prince, Reisentraube, Hillbilly, and Green Zebra. Sunflowers and Zinnias.

Hattie’s Garden: Hattie’s Garden will feature Arugula Mesclun this week, with lots of nice fresh young lettuces mixed with a smaller amount of young arugula. This Saturday, Arugula lovers can purchase larger than normal bags of more mature Arugula. It is still “juvenile,” but nice larger leaves are somewhat stronger in flavor for those who adore this green. She will have a limited amount of Haricot Verts and plenty of Heirloom Cherry and Grape Tomatoes. Please come by and sample the different flavors-you’ll be surprised at the different tastes. Fresh basil and basil plants will be in abundance. Other fresh herbs include Flat Italian parsley and Cilantro and authentic Mojito Mint. Hattie’s Pablano (Anchos) peppers are finally reaching harvest stage, and she will bring some ideas of how to use these wonderful peppers. If you haven’t tried some of the nice tender Heirloom Eggplants, she should have a couple of Asian varieties and a nice heirloom from Puerto Rico called Rosita. And flower bouquets featuring Cockscomb Celosia.

Kalmar Farm:Sweet corn. Celebrity slicing tomatoes. Eggplant. Green peppers. Cucumbers. Sweet Potatoes.

Lavender Fields: Everything lavender is available here. Lavender Wine Jelly, Strawberry Lavender Preserves and more jams and jellies as fruit comes into season. Tussie-Mussies (lovely, small compact bouquets of lavender and flowers with bound stems-great hostess gift). Fresh Herbs de Provence with sea salt, lavender-infused honey, culinary lavender, and lavender and rose tea. Freshly-cut English Hidcote and Munstead lavender by the bunch. French Grosso and Provence lavender plants. Lavender bath and body products. Cedar and lavender moth repellant. Lavender Fields Bug-Away.

Lucky Penny: They specialize in beautiful summer flowers. Some bouquets will be arranged in cans and vases ready to put on your summer dinner table (flower cans can be recycled). Arrangements and banded bunches come with hydrating flower food. Please tell Sue how you want your flowers (i.e. arranged, in sleeves, or select your own stems) and she will be happy to help you.

Magee Farms: Sweet corn. Sugarheart Watermelon. Cantaloupe. Celebrity Tomatoes. Heirloom Tomatoes: Cherokee Purple, Carolina Gold, and Brandywine. Straight Eight Cucumbers. Sunray Squash. Zucchini. Merlin Bell Peppers. Herbs.

Nancy’s Fine Foods: Barbequed Pulled Pork prepared two ways–North Carolina-style which has a hint of vinegar sauce, and Kansas-style, a little sweeter, and oh, so good. The BBQ pork is packaged in 16 oz containers that you can bring home to heat. This joins other savory dishes such as Garden Fresh Market Quiche, Roasted Vegetable Strudel, Chicken Walnut Grape Salad and Turkey Tarragon Salad. Also returning are the ever popular Macaroons. Apple, Peach, and Pecan Pie, and other baked goods.

Old World Breads: Pick up a French baguette or Sourdough loaf to go with the artisan cheeses and jams you’ll find at the market. The breads are made with 100% USDA organic flour from King Arthur Flour Company. Warning: they go quickly!

Olivia’s Bread’s: The breads and other baked goods that Olivia’s brings are made with organic flours that are unbleached and unbromated. They also use natural and organic produce from local farmers and businesses. They believe in using green products and supporting Fair Trade producers. They are known for working with those who have special dietary restrictions or food allergies. Call ahead if you have a special order for market pick-up: 302-424-4395. Each Saturday they will be bringing specialty items. Customer requested treats and delights will be at the market this weekend, and Olivia’s enjoys getting special requests and bringing them to market.

Paradise Orchards: This is the end of the season for Paradise’s peaches and nectarines, so you will not see them at Market until next year.

Pasqualini’s Bakery: Strudels, Cinnamon Twists, Elephant Ears, Italian bread, cookies, fruit pies, muffins, croissants, and more.

Pipe Dreams Fromage: This is a very real, very fresh, French-style goat cheese from Greencastle, Pennsylvania. The cheese is produced in the farmstead fashion with culture imported from France. It is hand ladled and turned. We cannot predict what cheeses we will get from Pipe Dreams, but we usually have a three different cheeses for sale: Bouche (a plain fresh chevre); Ash (bouche with a vegetable ash over it); and Curd (very popular cheese from Pipe Dreams and great on sandwiches or bagels). Available at the HLFM table, but sorry, quantities are limited.

Rainbow Java: Organic, fair-trade coffee, roasted locally. Bolivian Primera Extra (medium roast). Bolivian Cumbre Premium AAA (dark roast). Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (medium roast-drank a cup this morning-excellent taste). Peruvian (medium roast). Sumatra (dark roast). Swiss Water Process Decaf South American Blend (medium roast).

Seaberry Farm: This farm has fresh beach plum fruit for those of you who want to make beach plum jelly. However, if you want to purchase large quantities of the fruit you need to place an order a couple of days in advance of the Market, so that they can bring the fruit for you. You may call 410-200-0093 and tell them what you need. This will be their first harvest from their newly established beach plum orchard. For the next few weeks, Seaberry Farm will be bringing a series of really special Musk and Water melons. This week they will have the watermelon, “Tigerbaby.” This is a small, very sweet melon with bright green stripes (much smaller than a traditional Sugar Baby) and can be easily carried home by walkers or on a bike. Also available will be the Asian melon “Sunrise.” Samples will be available to taste at the booth before purchase. Beach plum plants as well as other shrubs will be available for fall planting.

Surf Bagel: The best bagels south of Brooklyn hot from the oven! Grab a bagel and a coffee and tour the Market. Bagels are available at the HLFM Table. Six varieties-plain, sesame, poppy, cinnamon-raisin, blueberry, and everything.

Sussex Consortium: As a partnership with the HLFM, the students of the Sussex Consortium and their teachers have planted a large organic garden on the school property. They are harvesting the crops from that garden and selling them at our market. Available this Saturday: green peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, and flowers. Look for them next to the HLFM tables.

The Farm: This Quality Certified Organic Farm will bring free-range pastured broilers. The chickens are raised outside on sunshine and clover as nature intended and loaded with flavor and vital nutrients such as A, K, E, and omega 3 fatty acids. Come early, as these will be in demand and supplies are limited. Also available: Russet potatoes, plum tomatoes, tricolor bell peppers, squash, squash flowers, basil, and eggs.

Market Demonstrations: At 8:30 am Adam Kindl and his young son Andrew will be back at the Market to talk about winter birds. Adam and Andrew will be demonstrating making milk jug feeders which kids can paint and take home to use this winter. They will also have birdseed and handouts about feeding the birds. Adam is the founder and operator of Grassroot Organics, which specializes in chemical-free lawn care and sustainable landscape management. He is the only accredited Organic Land Care Professional in the state of Delaware through the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

At 10:30 am, Steve Kogler of Teller Wines and Old World Breads will give a demonstration and talk. Steve has just built new ovens to bake his old world style breads that have become one of the Market’s most popular items. There is always a line for his French baguettes, sourdough loaves and Italian loafs, all baked without chemicals, additives or preservatives! Steve will be talking about two of his favorite subjects, Bread and Wine.

Lost and Found: If you lost something of value at the Market four weeks ago, please call us (302-644-1436) as we have found it. We also have found a navy blue umbrella with the words “Running Strong for American Indian Youth” printed on it.

Please Put on Your Calendar:

August 30, 2008

Labor Day Book Sale, 9am-3pm, Lewes Public Library.

September 6, 2008

Third Annual Auction and Garden Party, 4-8 pm, to benefit the Milton Historical Society. A huge variety of items, trips, and services will be offered in both silent and live auctions, including orchestra seats at the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and a luxury hotel room (wow!). Under the tent at 210 Union Street, next to Milton’s museum. Tickets are $10. For more information call 302-684-1010 or go to


September 14, 2008

Lewes Historical Society Cannonball Race 5K Run/Walk. This race benefits the society’s preservation and educational programming. The race is designed to tour beautiful locations throughout Historic Lewes. Go to for more information and to register.


Goodbye Bottled Water: As you now probably know, we no longer sell bottled water at the Market. Instead, we provide cold, local water from a jug at the HLFM table, so you can refill your own water bottle at our table. We also have paper cups available.

Check out the Historic Lewes Farmers Market bookshelf at the Lewes Public Library. You will find all of the books on eating well locally and sustainability that we feature on our website, plus many other titles related to these issues on the HLFM shelf. We donate new titles as we find them. If you have a suggestion for a title related to the HLFM mission to educate the public about sustainable food systems that are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially responsible, please send the information our way by emailing us:

About those dogs we love so much. We really do want to welcome dogs at our market, but we are aware that some dogs do not like to be in crowds or are not people or dog friendly. If this describes your pet, we ask you to leave him or her at home. If you bring your dog, please watch him/her carefully, and have the dog under control at all times so that we do not have to ask you to leave the market with your pet.

For other information about the market go to

Send your comments and questions to us at

The market is open rain or shine. See you at market!

-Helaine Harris for the Historic Lewes Farmers Market

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