by Dave on February 5, 2009

Apparently, now you don’t even need to take a vacation. I’m wondering when they’ll come out with the “Thrasher’s Fries” scent or the “Dewey After Dark” scent.

From MediaPost:

Procter & Gamble Launches Vacation Scents

Procter & Gamble is suggesting that if you can’t afford to take a vacation because you lost it all in a Ponzi scheme, there’s always Febreze.

The company is creating a line of fragrances called “Destinations” intended to evoke Hawaii, Brazil and Morocco with Hawaiian Aloha, Brazilian Carnaval and Moroccan Bazaar.

The company says: “During the current economic recession, the Destinations Collection lends itself well to the recent “staycation” trend, whereby consumers stay home during their time off and take advantage of their surroundings.”

The company says the Febreze Destinations Collection is meant to create a “temporary getaway through an authentic scent experience.”

The Febreze Destinations Collection was created by infusing scents from Hawaii, Brazil and Morocco into the Febreze product line, including Fabric Refresher, Air Effects, Candles and NOTICEables to remind people of a tropical vacation.

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