Gardeners – Host a Seed Swap

by Dave on February 23, 2009

from the SF Examiner:

Seed swaps are fabulous for saving money, trying plants you have never grown before, and to glean some valuable ideas and tips from other gardeners. Seed swap parties are by their very nature meant to be informal, easy-going get-togethers; you don’t have to pull out all the stops.

The party can be as simple or as involved as you’d like it to be. You can go out and buy one kind of seed packet times the number of people and everyone would get a packet of every type of seed. Or you can have everyone bring loose seeds and place the in Styrofoam cups, letting people take what they would like.

Don’t forget to invite some gardener wanna-bees to the party; you never know who you might be able to push over the edge into becoming a seed-collecting addict like the rest of us.

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