Green Your Home

by Dave on March 12, 2009

The Home & Garden section of today’s New York Times has an excellent piece, ‘Five Beginners’ Steps to a Greener Home,’ featuring great ideas on how to save energy & water.

And it always helps to know how to turn things off. Also from the New York Times

Think fast: where are your main water, electrical and gas shutoffs? If you know only one or two things about your place, it should be where these handles, valves or switches are and how to quickly turn them off, during home repairs and serious storms — or in preparation for the day you are awakened by a mysterious dripping sound at 2 a.m. and find water coming through a light fixture in the ceiling.

You could become hysterical, or you could stop the disaster by shutting off the water and electricity. Then you will have plenty of time to panic in earnest.

Contractors make a sport of trading stories about clients who have caused exponential damage by not knowing where these shutoffs are.

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