What’s Up Foodies?

by Dave on May 15, 2009

As first appeared in Coastal Sussex Weekly, April 30, 2009:

Someone once accused me, “You’re not a Foodie, are you, Andy?”

Foodie. Honestly, I had to run and Google it! Here’s a link to the awesome Wikipedia for a definition.

Here’s the (organic herb) rub. Two issues bothered me with the (well intentioned) Non-Foodie accusation.

1. Elitism: High School never truly goes away – it resurfaces like a bad taco! The term, “Foodie,” I thought, was kind of like a closed group. Being accused of not being one, stung. I own a Food Market: Good For You Market. Don’t I belong in the Foodie Club? Am I not “Heather” Foodie? Then it hit me like a sack of Organic Potatoes, the long-lasting energy efficient light bulb went off! Exclusion goes against everything I’m aiming for with G4U Market. Access to good food, the knowledge of how to prepare it, affordable prices… That belongs to everyone. The business is not called, “Good For You, maybe you, but definitely not you.” It’s actually, “Good For Everyone!”

2. G4U Market is more than health food. We are at heart a, “Great Food Market.” There’s a saying, “Judge people not so much by what they say, but by what they do.” My accuser was challenging me, “If you’re running a food market, then, waddya know, buddy?”

Being accused of not being in the Foodie Club made me look at my store from a customer’s standpoint. I questioned what I was trying to achieve with the business: what problem, or gap in the market was I trying to fill. Standard business plan stuff, right?

Ever seen people like me at market? I’m the one at the fish counter, grilling the fish guy. I want to know everything about that salmon. Where did it come from? Why is it that color? Why does my recipe ask for this herb? Can I see the salmon’s resume? Does it come from a good family? Then sometimes, I’m in a rush, and I just want to say, “Hey, Fish Dude, what goes with Tarragon? How much for six people? Later…”

So, why do you do that thing that you do at Good For Yoo (sorry!). I saw a gap. I filled it and now others benefit. I could pat myself smugly on the back and say it was for altruistic reasons. Truth is, I’m selfish! I got fed up of driving back to the city twice a month for groceries, cleaning products, and the like. Fed up of paying shipping charges for online groceries. Indulge me, if you will. Listen to others at your cookout, dinner table, or happy hour. How many people are doing the same thing? What a waste of gas and income leaving our community.

Some people stay in our lives for a lifetime. Some stay briefly, but their impact stays forever. It took a simple accusation from someone who stayed in my life briefly, to set me, and my business, on a better course, which in turn has bettered my community.

Fast forward, G4U Market is in our third year of operation. We’re getting better each time we get feedback and encouragement from our community. In turn, we give it back to you. At G4U Market, the door to the Foodie Club is well and truly open, off its hinges and in the recycle bin. Welcome. My favorite word in any language. A close second is, “Eat!”

So this is your glimpse into my “Organic Living” this week. Feedback comes from many sources. Listen to it. Be grateful for it. Pass your knowledge on. Savor good food and good advice!

Until next week, Whoop-di-doo, Andy.

Andy Meddick is the owner of the Good4You Natural Market. He can be reached at goodforu@comcast.net or good4uorganic.com.

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