Team Trivia – The Ultimate Group Date

by Dave on June 5, 2009

As first appeared in Coastal Sussex Weekly, May 7, 2009:

What is the 21st century version of a bowling league, complete with interesting questions, team spirit and cool local establishments?

Team Trivia.

Billed as “The Ultimate Group Date,” Team Trivia can be found any day of the week, rotating between popular local spots like Grotto Grand Slam in Lewes, Arena’s Deli and Bar in Rehoboth Beach, Smitty McGee’s in West Fenwick Island, Fat Tuna in Millville and Hammerhead’s in Dewey Beach.

“There’s a common misconception and what I call a knee-jerk reaction when you suggest someone come to a trivia game like this one,” says John Mixon of Delmarva DJ, who puts on Team Trivia six days a week all over the region. “They say ‘Oh, I’m no good at trivia.’ But we’re a social event disguised as a trivia event.“

The game is mostly played by groups, who get the duration of a song to collaborate and come up with the answer to questions like “What company’s headquarters are located at One Whopper Way? (Burger King)” or “Which US President had a seven-person hot tub installed at the White House? (Bill Clinton)”

“The questions are what you’d call “common knowledge questions,” says Mixon. “You hang out with your friends. It’s the modern equivalent of a bowling league.”

Another benefit for Mixon is supporting locally-owned businesses here in the area.

“That was always a goal, to help local businesses in the face of competition,” says Mixon.

Most of Mixon’s participants are made up with regular guests who make it a regular weekly date with friends, but many people stumble upon the game in a local establishment and are surprised by how fun and easy it is.

“You have the length of a song to get your answer worked out as a team,” adds Mixon. “Together, you’d be surprised what you know. Four or five people can put up enough information to work up an answer.”

Could Team Trivia be the answer for you and your friends?

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