Telling Big Sis

by Dave on June 5, 2009

As first appeared in Coastal Sussex Weekly, May 21, 2009:

by Lisa Sumstine

On Mother’s Day we told our daughter that she was going to be a big sister.  I was so nervous about this; I just didn’t know how it was going to go.  Did she realize that her world was about to get a little crowded?  Can she grasp that she was now going to have to share everything- especially mom and dad’s attention?  These are just a few of the questions that I was afraid to have answered; this announcement could not be as exciting for her as we hope.

Can’t you agree our children are amazing creatures?!? Mine surprises and amazes me every time and to my sheer joy, our girl is thrilled.  I’m not sure that she completely understands what’s happening.  Maybe she’s not quite clear on the fact that the new baby is going to live with us FOREVER.  But so far she is happy to tell anyone who will listen; and some who sort of aren’t, “my mommy has a baby in her belly, I’m going to be the big sister.”

There have been lots and lots of questions.  I mean a LOT of questions.  Some that she has asked, some that people are asking her.  Her questions have included: Will I have to share my bed with the baby?  How long will it take for the baby to come out? How will the baby come out?  Is the baby in there right now?  And the question that every mother waits to hear from her 4 year old: How did the baby get in there?

But it has been most fascinating to hear the questions that people are asking her and then to hear her answers.  Are you excited for the baby? Yes.  Are you going to help with the baby?  Yes. Do you think the baby is excited to meet you?  Of course it is.  Do you want a brother or sister?  That answer varies depending on the day.  But my favorite was asked by a lady at our church.  The church friend asked “do you think it’s a boy baby or a girl baby?”  And the response to this question was just the best… “I don’t know but I’ll let you see it when it comes out.”  I loved this response sometimes my child says something that just cracks me up.  And this was one of her better lines.

I’ve said it before, it’s the theme for our lives, every day is a new adventure, and this a big one.

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