The Second Time Around

by Dave on June 5, 2009

As first appeared in Coastal Sussex Weekly, May 14, 2009:

by Lisa Sumstine

Here’s an interesting turn of events, we are expecting a new baby in November.   I know, what are we thinking is the question we have began asking ourselves AFTER we conceived.  We had been trying for about a year and of course when we decided to give up was when everything worked.  It’s been an interesting road, after having conceived our first child by surprise.  I have a new found compassion for my friends who have tried for years to be parents.

What’s most fascinating to me is that my mindset is completely different this time.  We were so excited to tell anyone and everyone with our first child.  This time we are much more cautions. I have really worried about how our daughter would react, and if she would even understand what we are telling her.  Turns out I don’t really think she understands, but she seems really excited.  It helps a lot that when she tells people she’s going to be a big sister she has always been met with a big, happy, excited response.

With my first child, I was terrified of the process of the delivery.  I had never really been in the hospital before and the thought of what was going to happen with my body really freaked me out.  I never gave any thought to what would really happen when we got that baby home.  Now it’s the polar opposite, I can only think of what’s going to happen when we’ve got 2 kids at home.  When will we sleep, will we ever experience the peace of just being quiet again, how am I going to make it to the grocery store with a baby and a toddler?  I know that women do it all over the world every day but it seems like my complicated life is about to reach extreme levels of complication. My husband said it best when he suggested that our “what have we done” moment is coming before birth this time, as opposed to that time when our daughter was just a few days old and we looked at each other and said at the same time “what have we done.”

However, the thought that we are in for double the reward with 2 kids is very exciting.  We have been blessed with joy beyond measure with our daughter, to think that we are about to get a double dose makes it all seem worth it.  It will be an interesting ride for sure, as we know parenting is the biggest challenge with the greatest reward we can ever experience.  I am sure that this will be the topic of many articles in Coastal Sussex to come, something noteworthy is bound to happen along the way.

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