A Complaint

by Dave on June 25, 2009

First seen in Coastal Sussex Weekly, June 4, 2009:

by Lisa Sumstine

I have a complaint, actually I probably have more than one, but we will stick with the complaint that fits this situation.  Why, why WHY do otherwise great restaurants insist on putting video games just far enough out of the dining area that little people can see them?!?!?  This drives me crazy, and is a sure fire way to ensure a miserable experience for my husband and me at such an establishment.

You see there are some places that you can expect the focus to be on video games, sports bars, the more tourists places, restaurants along those lines.  But it seems more and more the every day neighborhood place has one or two video games in it that no one ever plays, they are just there to make my dining experience annoying.

All it takes is a glimpse of a flashing light, or a sound that could be part of a video game and it starts… mom can I play games?  Mom when can I play games?  Dad will you take me to play games?  How much longer before I can play games?  It goes on and on and doesn’t end until we take her to said parental torture machine and let her push the buttons.  In most cases she doesn’t even care if we put money in for her to actually play, it’s all about pushing the buttons and watching the flashing lights.

The guidelines for a restaurant choice in our home are as follows: good food, reasonable price, good service, and NO VIDEO GAMES.  This is a tough bill to fill I am learning.  If we find a place we really like, that fit this criteria I always try to tell the manager that is why we keep coming back.

At BeachMoms.com we have strict rules about people posting for the only purpose of selling us stuff, we don’t usually ever allow that.  But if you have ever been to a place that fits the criteria or if you own or manage a place like the one I mentioned above, it’s your lucky day.  Go to www.beachmoms.com and sign up.  Find the thread marked “no video games” and tell us your story.

Lisa can be found on www.BeachMoms.com or email lisa@beachmoms.com

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