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by Dave on July 3, 2009

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY WEEKThe highlight of the year here at the beach is finally upon us. By the size of our breakfast and bar crowd on the weekdays this week, it is obvious many of our loyal customers are here all week already vacationing. And our guess is that many more of you will be here next week all week taking a nice long 10 day weekend…capping it off with the Running of the Bull next Saturday! Below I will try to cap off anything that is related to us here in the next 10 days…but trust me, there is plenty going on in this town of Dewey Beach these next few weeks, so be sure to get around town and enjoy as much as you can…as Dewey Beach is such a great little beach town…and now offers so much diversity in terms of restaurants/bars, attractions, and has an incredibly huge new beach for you to enjoy!

Open every single day during the summer from 8am till 1am, you should certainly start each day with our world famous Breakfast menu. People talk about Eggs Delmarva everywhere I go…so be sure to load up on some this week. We have entertainment every single day of the week as well…so whether the Starboard is your destination for the entire night, or just a drop by before hitting another establishment…just know that we are here for you with plenty of entertainment and drink specials all week long.

It’s $1.50 Coors Light night here…we have our youngsters all behind the bar from managers to barbacks…with our newest young DJ ‘Dan’imal as we break him into the rotation here. It has been quite a surprise to see how crazy Monday nights have become here at The Starboard…we have had to open a new bar each passing week due to the big crowds.

½ PRICE CRAB CAKES & FREE COMEDY CLUB! All day and night you can enjoy your famous crab cakes for ½ price on Tuesdays. At night, we provide a nationally recognized comedian each week from 10-11pm for a free show. A different comedian is here each week…so you can come every week and enjoy. Heineken & Heineken Lights are only $2.50 on Tuesdays, and we also offer all Stoli drinks for just $4!

½ PRICE HUGE BURGERS. All day and night you can get any of our fantastic burgers, served on homemade kaiser rolls baked right here in our kitchen for ½ price. Definitely the hottest spot in town every Wednesday is The Starboard with Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous hitting the stage at 10pm…and Bud/Bud Lights on special for just $3.

½ PRICE CHEESESTEAKS! Now this Thursday, July 2nd we will have DJ Smoky here as it will be Holiday Weekend capacity…but every other Thursday of the season, we have live music with the MAVI TRIO. You weekenders will catch MAVI TRIO this Saturday out on our deck…but those of you here all week, feel free to stop in and catch them any Thursday of the summer. Miller Lites are just $3 and High Life Lights are just $2 all night, with Three Olives vodka flavors all just $4!

Last WeekendPIE EYED FRIDAY HAPPY HOUR w/ GROTTO PIZZA – We are psyched to have Grotto Pizza here this season helping make our Happy Hour a blast. With $1 slices of Grottos cooked hot right in their Big Red Pizza Mobile! Miller Lites are just $3 and High Life Lights just $2 till 8pm every Friday. Beer Pong, Flip Cup, etc…are all in action. Basically we offer a nice way to relax when you get to town, have a few cold beers very inexpensively…and some piping hot Grotto Pizza! Friday nights are always mobbed here with long time DJ John Hardy kicking off at 8pm.

YOUR DAYTIME HEADQUARTERS! Breakfasts, Bloody’s, Crushes, and everything else we carry are all at your fingertips. With live entertainment out on our deck most Saturdays, this week its The Mavi Trio! Anymore it doesn’t seem to matter if it is a Rainy Day or a perfect Sunny day…The Starboard always packs in a crowd during the afternoons. We start off with DJ’s at 10am every Saturday, and the night ends up with DJ Smoky as the lines to get in are always down the street!

Suicide Sunday
WHAT NEEDS TO BE SAID?? The biggest day of the week here at The Starboard. Our DJ starts at 9am sharp…the party is in full swing by 9:15 in the morning! Elvis generally makes an appearance around Noon…then Doug Segree kicks off by 2pm out on our deck. Sunday nights we book great live entertainment, with this week featuring our own LAURALEA & TRIPP FABULOUS! Bud/Bud Lights are always just $3 on Sundays all day and night! Now that we are into July…I expect you all to be staying in town on Sunday nights anyway…make the most out of your summer Dewey Beach experience!

RUNNING OF THE BULLNext Saturday, July 11th is our Nationally Recognized Running of the Bull. I hear all the time that people think this is the most FUN day of the summer! Once again we will have our entire parking lot closed off to expand out into it…have ordered up a perfect day of weather…and the Bull Costume has been to the dry cleaners after a nice dip in the ocean during last years ‘run!’ Actually, one of the bartenders from the Bottle & Cork had to bring the costume back up too us recently as it seemed to have been left at Jam session last year after the run! We are expecting the biggest run in history this year…& will bring in our catering crew from Bethany Blues to help get everyone fed that day…you know there are plenty of cold beers…but we need everyone to eat as well cause it is a LONG day! I will post much more on the Bull Run next week…just make sure you are all here in town to take part in this epic Dewey Beach Tradition!

Be Safe, and have the best 4th of July Weekend ever if possible, we look forward to doing all we can here at The Starboard to help make your vacation the best it can be! Thanks so much for all of your support!


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