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by Dave on July 16, 2009

WOW, in what was by far the biggest Bull Run in it’s 13 year history, we could not have asked for a better day. The weather was absolutely perfect, nice and cool with not a cloud in the sky! By 10am, our parking lot was filled with people. In talking to everyone, I cannot imagine the day going any better, so many people have told me what a fantastic time they had on Saturday. Certainly the biggest production in Dewey Beach each year…this year’s Running of the Bull helped us raise more than $6,000 to donate towards our local Rehoboth Beach Volunteer Fire Department and Dewey Beach Police Department. Thanks to all of you very much for helping us support these two very important groups!


As I walk around Dewey this week, I am still hearing people talk about the Bull Run, local businesses have thanked The Starboard for bringing them in more business on the Bull Run than they had over the 4th of July! As you could see, the Bull Run is a stimulus day for all of Dewey Beach! There was red all over town, Jam Session, Sharkey’s, Que Pasa, Jimmy’s Grill, everywhere you would turn….you could see a Sea of Red that day! And needless to say, I cannot thank you all enough for what was the biggest non-holiday sales day in Starboard history! (then again, the Bull Run has become a holiday!)

The Run went well, with thousands participating this year. I have heard only great reports from both our Police Chief and our Lifeguards on how well everyone behaved. As if it isn’t stressful enough hosting such a large party on your own premises, turn everyone loose onto the streets and beaches…you cannot imagine my own blood pressure just praying that all went well, and it did! Thanks for listening to the lifeguards on the beach, and for moving quickly across the highway, etc…!

We sold over 500 sandwiches from Bethany Blues BBQ, glad to see that so many of you enjoyed that addition, and we gave out well over 70 cases of Bottled Water to keep everyone hydrated as drinking beers in the sun can catch you by surprise! There were multiple media people here, you may have caught all of the press in several local newpapers. I hope that all of you have recovered from the big day, and are ready for another weekend here in Dewey Beach to continue this awesome summer, we have never had weather this good for so long. July has made us all forget the rainy June!

SUICIDE WING EATING CONTEST SUNDAY This Sunday is the 20th Annual ‘Wings to Go’ Suicide Wing Eating Contest. Starting promptly at 3pm, we will kick off in what will more than likely be the hottest day of the year! It seems that way each year with all that Suicide Sauce pouring through this place. The prizes as always are $500 for First Place, then a first place ladies prize of another $200. So be sure to get out and cheer on whomever you convince to enter this Wing Contest.

The rules are simple, you sign up prior to 2pm either here at The Starboard or over at Wings to Go, you have 30 minutes at 3pm to eat as many Chicken Wings covered in Suicide Sauce as you can, no drinks, no getting sick, just eat wings! The winner is generally in the 120’s range…just to give you a target to shoot for.

This Sunday, we welcome back Jimi Smooth & the Hit Time for those of you have have loved his music here over the years. At 9pm on Sunday, Jimi Smooth will take the stage to get all of you dancing to his motown and funky performance.

The guys from will be set up here on Saturday to register each of you for their scavenger hunt. They will be under a tent right near our entrance, so for those of you participating, come on by, grab some Eggs Delmarva, then get started on your hunt!

Start digging out your Santa outfits, as next week we welcome the guys from the “Running of the Santa’s” up in the Philly/New Jersey area. They come down on busses to enjoy a weekend in Dewey Beach. They are all decked out for the 3rd year of our little Christmas in July party…so please join in with your Christmas outfits next Saturday, July 25th as we will have Jimi Smooth & the Hit Time as well as Long Walk Home both live in house that afternoon. Miller Lite is the feature, and they are certain to bring plenty of prizes, give-a-ways, and cold Miller Lite for you all to enjoy!

The tickets are being printed as I type. By the end of next week, we will have tickets to our 50th Anniversary Bash to be held on Saturday, October 3rd. This will be a Black Tie very formal bash here in Dewey Beach, we will roll in the red carpet, parking lot tents, outside catering, piano’s, bands, as well as all kinds of history throughout the weekend. I will send out this newsletter announcing when the tickets go on sale, so be sure to grab your ticket if you want to share in our historic night this fall!

Tell Your Friends

Thanks again to all of you for the support you show The Starboard. It has been a remarkable summer, now we are passing the half way point, so expect to see more of you each weekend getting the most use out of your beach houses as possible. No more going home on Sundays…every weekend from here on out is a 3 day deal….Fridays start with Grotto Pizza Happy Hour, Saturdays we are your daytime headquarters, then Suicide Sundays are an all day-all night affair! You won’t ever find a cover charge at The Starboard, because we truly appreciate your business and hope you always enjoy your times here with us!

Thank you!


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Greg and Kim Clark July 22, 2009 at 11:26 am

We would love to get two tickets are they available yet and c an we hold two.

Long time ( 30 years) Starboard players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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