This Week at the Historic Lewes Farmer’s Market

by Dave on September 17, 2009

New to the Market this week will be large Candy Onions (organic), newly extracted Lavender Honey, Concord Grape Jam, fresh Pork Roasts, Scrapple, Sweet Apple Cider, Apple Cider Doughnuts, Grimes Golden Apples, and much more.

USDA Announces New Initiative-“Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food”

On September 15 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan announced a new initiative called “Know Your Farmer, Know You Rood” to begin a national conversation to help develop local and regional food systems and spur economic opportunity. To help spread the word, Secretary Vilsack recorded a video to invite Americans to join the discussion and share their ideas for ways to support local agriculture. You can access the message, and comment by going to USDA’s YouTube channel, Submit your own video in response, or email a response to

This initiative, chaired by Deputy Secretary Merrigan (a true friend of sustainable farming), is the focus of a task force with representatives from agencies across the USDA who will help better align the Department’s efforts to build stronger local and regional food systems. This week alone, USDA will announce approximately $65 million in funding for “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” initiatives.
“Americans are more interested in food and agriculture than at any other time since most families left the farm,” said Merrigan. “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” seeks to focus that conversation on supporting local and regional food systems to strengthen American agriculture by promoting sustainable agricultural practices and spurring economic opportunity in rural communities.”

White House Launches Farmers Market

The White House is helping to launch a farmers market on Vermont Avenue next to the White House. This market is being managed by FreshFarm Markets (one of the benchmark farmers market groups that we modeled the HLFM after.) If you visit Washington, you can go to this market at 810 Vermont Ave., NW (between H at I Streets, NW), on Thursdays 3-7pm. The market will be open from September 17 to October 29, 2009. In her announcement about the Market at the Chefs Collaborative National Summit today, Ann Wright, the Deputy Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, said that whereas the USDA previously has not placed an emphasis on small, rural, local and sustainable food production, the current administration is fully supportive of these endeavors.

Did you know that we have a gleaning program each Saturday at the Market? Each Saturday at the end of the Market, our vendors donate part of their produce and baked goods to the HLFM to donate to Casa San Francisco’s Food Bank. We will continue this practice until the last Market day, but we also want to give the Food Bank a little bit extra this year to help folk get through the winter.

This Saturday, and every Saturday until we close, the HLFM is sponsoring a food drive for Casa San Francisco’s Food Bank. Please bring your donation to the Market September 12 through October 10 to the HLFM table. Here are the specific items that the food bank has requested: spaghetti sauce, pasta, peanut butter, jams and jellies, canned fruits/vegetables/soups, boxed cereal, powdered or shelf stable milk, rice, and beans. Please honor our mission and the health needs of folk who use the food bank by providing healthy foods.

About those dogs we love so much:We really do want to welcome dogs at our market, but we are aware that some dogs do not like to be in crowds or are not people or dog friendly. If this describes your pet, we ask you to leave him or her at home. We know that fights are always caused by the “other dog”, so if you bring your dog, please watch him/her carefully, and please have the dog under control at all times and on a short leash, so that we do not have to ask you to leave the market with your pet.

What’s at Market This Saturday:

The very popular Children’s Reading Program at the Market will not be back at the Market until next season. We want to thank Maureen Miller, Children’s Librarian from our very own Lewes Public Library, who volunteered part of every Saturday since the end of May, to come and read stories, plant seeds, make bees out of pipe cleaners, and just bring joy to many children (and their parents). Many thanks, Maureen, for what you give to our community, and for your investment in helping our children understand the importance of good nutrition and taking care of our resources.


Arlington’s Natural Meats: Great tasting, all natural beef and pork products are from animals born and
raised on their farm, grain-finished and dry aged. Feed is forage-based with no antibiotics and no metabolic enhancers.
BEEF: Steaks-filet, Delmonico, porterhouse, New York strip, t-bone, sirloin, flank, chopped steak. Roasts-rump, round top or bottom, eye, sirloin tip, chuck. Other beef: London broil, oxtail, brisket, smoked tongue, short ribs, beef cubes, shin meat, beef liver, soup bones, sandwich steaks, beef patties, ground beef.
PORK: pork tenderloin, boneless pork chops, center cut pork chops, boneless pork loin roast, baby back ribs, spare ribs, smoked bacon, smoked center-cut ham slice, smoked ham roast, Boston butt, scrapple, various pork sausages.
Also, please take note that they will be taking orders for a limited supply of lamb. They are selling it by the half (about 22 lbs.) or the whole (55 lbs.). If you are interested, and want to have them custom cut, please place your order this Saturday or call them at 410-726-5628. The price is $199 for a half and $380 for a whole lamb.

Backyard Jams & Jellies: Backyard has picked the grapes! Now available: Concord Grape and Niagara Grape. Also from their backyard: Delicious Raspberry Hot Pepper Jelly. They grow their own raspberries and all of their own peppers. Once again Fresh Peach Hot Pepper Jelly and Tropical Mango Hot Pepper Jelly will be at their table. Another favorite, Beach Plum Jelly is here–made with freshly picked beach plums from our local sandy dunes. They have had some requests for larger jars of jam and jelly, so are making a small assortment of flavors in the 16 ounce size. She will have the little sampler jars of jam and jelly as well. Perfect, if you live alone, or just want to try different flavors. You can mix and match for a special price. If you are headed home after a lovely vacation at the beach, consider taking a case of Backyard Jams and Jellies with you. She has a great deal–that includes a free jar of jam (or jelly). Also available: Apple Jelly, Mint Jelly, Nectarine Jam, Blackberry Jam and Jelly, Pear Raspberry Jam, Pear Jam, Raspberry Jam and Jelly, Fresh Blueberry and Strawberry Jam, and (my favorite) Peach Jam. The No Sugar Jams will be: Beach Plum, Pear Raspberry, Blueberry, Mixed Berry, and Peach. Country Apricot Mustard and Champagne Mustard will also be available for sampling and purchase. Backyard Jams and Jellies was the winner of Best in State for Soft Spreads (Jellies and Jams), and seven First Place Ribbons at the 2008 Delaware State Fair. They make wonderful holiday gifts. (Thanks for saving your empty jars for them!)

Baues’ Busy Bees: Pure raw honey in 12 oz honey bears, 1 lb and 2.5 lb jars. Bee pollen. Beeswax hand cream, lip balm, and body lotion that have a natural SPF of 15 from the beeswax. Handmade Honey Soap that is great for sensitive skin (men use it for shaving soap). 100% beeswax candles in various shapes and sizes including pinecones and pumpkins. They will gift wrap your purchases for free-great hostess gifts.

Bella’s Cookies: Bella’s will not be at the market this Saturday, but will return next week
with a new lineup of Fall cookies and dessert offerings.

Bennett Orchards: Bennett’s has finished for the season.

Calliope Organic Farm: Naturally certified vendor. Watermelon Radishes. Baby Bok Choi. Beet Greens. Bunches of Braising Greens. Pizzo Mustard Greens. Salad Mix. Salad Turnips. Haricot Verts. New Girl Hybrid Tomatoes. Tasty Jade Japanese Burpless Cucumbers. Poblano Peppers. Red and Green Bell Peppers. Scallions. Freshly-cut Basil.

Chapel’s Country Creamery: Chapel’s produces artisanal cheeses made with milk from their herd of Jersey and Holstein cows. All of the milk is free of synthetic hormones, antibiotics and chemical compounds. They have a wonderful Chapelle Cave-Aged Cheese. This cheese is drained naturally overnight, and then placed in the cave to age naturally for at least two months. They also have a new Alpine-style cheese called Woodland-very delicate with a great flavor. Other cheeses from Chapel’s: Garlic and Chive Cheddar, and Crab Spice Cheddar.

Chesapeake Bay Farm: Fresh local cow’s milk gourmet cheeses including a fabulous Gouda. Gourmet ice cream (hand-dipped cones and pints-flavors have included Chocolate Peanut, Caramel, Cherry Vanilla, Peach, Mint Chocolate Chip, Bourbon Chocolate, Butter Pecan, Raspberry Chocolate Chunk,and Vanilla), and to die for Churned butter-salted and unsalted. Homemade truffles. All products are made from milk with no added hormones from grass fed cows from Worcester County’s only dairy farm.

Cleckner Farm: Fresh, free range eggs and all natural (no antibiotics, growth stimulants, animal proteins, etc.) and USDA inspected chicken broilers, large roasters, and stewing chickens. The large roasters weigh between 5 and 8 lbs-perfect for a large family or small dinner party. (The chickens are superb.) The free-range brown eggs will be available in a number of sizes, and in ½ and whole dozen packages.

Community Organics: Sweet Potatoes and other potato varieties. Green Tomatoes. Heirloom Tomatoes-different varieties. Cherry Tomatoes. Mixed hybrid tomatoes for slicing. Bright Lights Swiss Chard. Sweet Peppers. Eggplants. Community Organics is known for their hot peppers. Here are some of their varieties: Jalapeno, Hot Portugal, Bulgarian Carrot, Padron, Hungarian Wax, and Czech Black. Freshly-cut Lemon Basil.

Davidson Exotic Mushrooms: Portabellas, Shiitake, Crimini, and Oyster mushrooms, as well as mixes of all three or mixes of Shiitake and Crimini.

Deep Grass Organic: USDA Certified Organic. Large Candy Onions. Cauliflower. Broccoli. Concord Grapes. New Red Fire and Magenta Lettuces. Mesclun Mix. Leeks. Sweet Potatoes. White Potatoes. Tomato Basil Jelly. Herbal rubs for braising, marinating, and grilling. Red Raspberry Vinegar, Chive Blossom Vinegar, and other herbal vinegars.

Down to Earth Organic Farm: USDA Certified Organic. Various Heirloom Tomatoes. Delicata Squash. Eggplant. Chocolate, Lipstick, and Orange Bell Peppers. Down to Earth does not use any pesticides, and only uses fish emulsion, compost, and compost tea to fertilize-no animal by-products are used.

Eggs of a Feather: Bill will have his colorful free-range farmstead chicken eggs from rare and heritage chicken breeds. Eugene will be guest chicken unless he refuses to get into the truck. If that is the case, Ole Whitey will hold the fort once again as guest chicken.

Ficner’s Farm: Broccoli. White sweet corn. Vine ripe tomatoes. Long tender green and yellow wax beans, Yellow and green squash. Beautiful Zinnia bouquets. Honey from the farm.

Fifer Orchards: Sweet Apple Cider (1/2 gallons). Apple Cider Doughnuts. Many varieties of Apples including Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold. McIntosh, Rambo, and Gala. Seckel and Bartlett Pears. Purple and Prune Plums. Pumpkins. Peppers. Eggplant. Yellow and Green Squash. Potatoes, Butternut Squash. Acorn Squash. Honey from the farm.

Fischers’ Farm: Asian Pears. Apples-Winter Banana and Grimes Golden.

Freeman Farms: Freeman Farms will have fresh, hand harvested “White Out” Sweet Corn as well as “Temptation”, Bi-Color Sweet Corn. Tomatoes: Applause and Sunbeam Tender. Various eggplants.

Good Earth Market and Organic Farm: USDA Certified Organic. Squash. Heirloom Tomatoes. Eggplant. Peppers. Freshly-cut basil. Cut flowers in Mason jars (lovely country bouquet). Eggplants. Her Snappy Jacks Pepper Relish has great pepper flavor with just a hint of fire. Put it over cream cheese for a great happy hour snack.

Greenbranch Farm: Fresh pork including chops, sausage, bacon, scrapple, ham hocks, ham, ham slices, and pork roasts. Fresh eggs with deep yellow yolks. Green and Wax Beans. Summer Squash and Zucchini. Tomatoes. Bell Peppers. Hot and Sweet Peppers. Fairy Tale Eggplant. Nadia (classic) Eggplant. Orient Express Eggplant. Raveena Green Eggplant. Sweet Potatoes. Turnips. Bok Choi. (They will also be taking orders for fresh Thanksgiving Turkeys.)

Hattie’s Garden: Hattie will have her crisp, young Haricot Verts again this week. She will also bring Ping Tung Long eggplant (a long thin Asian variety from Taiwan) and plenty of SunGold cherry tomatoes. A few pints of Black Cherry tomatoes will go quickly as will a few nice heirloom tomatoes. There will be lots of nice arugula, a salad mix of young loose leaf lettuce and arugula, and plenty of young Jericho Romaine lettuce. Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, Sage, Mojito Mint round out the herbs and Hattie will bring Gomphrena (Globe Amaranth) in Purple, Pink and Red to enjoy fresh and to dry.

Jimmy Lynn’s Seafood: Steamed crabs. Softshell crabs. Fresh crabmeat. Shrimp salad. Lobster salad. Coleslaw. Crabcake sandwiches. Local fish in season: flounder, tuna, swordfish, clams, scallops.

Kalmar Farm: Sweet potatoes. Sweet corn. Baby Lima Beans. Kale. Collard Greens. Tomatoes: Celebrity and Mountain Fresh. Red and Yukon Gold potatoes. Green Beans.

Kogler’s Old World Breads: Handcrafted and baked in an artisan bakery in Ellendale, DE. Beginning with the finest ingredients: King Arthur Flour, filtered water, yeast and salt. Each item is hand formed to create the delicate textures, flavors, and golden crust reminiscent of European breads. There will be French baguettes, sourdough loaves, Italian loaves, country loaves, Focaccia, rye boule, cinnamon loaves and cinnamon shorties (a real treat with quite a dedicated following).

Lavender Fields: Everything lavender can be found here. New this week: Lavender honey extracted on September 15 from Lavender Fields beehives, Lavender and Spearmint Handmade Soap, freshly harvested bundles of Hidcote Lavender. Also available: Lavender and Peppermint Foot Lotion, Lavender and Rose Lotion, Bug Away, and Lavender Sugar Scrub. Regular lavender products include preserves, jams and jellies, Herbs de Provence, culinary lavender, lavender and rose tea, and lavender bath and body products.

Lucky Penny Produce & Flowers: Lucky Penny is bringing their beautiful cans of summer flowers and bouquets. Summer flowers include Rudbeckia, Snapdragons, beautiful Sunflowers, Zinnias, Amaranthus, Ageratum, and Asparagus Fern. Flowers will be available in vase/cans, bouquets and individual stem. The flowers come with flower food to extend their beauty, and make excellent hostess gifts.

Magee Farms: Watermelons. Tomatoes. Sweet Ice Corn. Aristotle Bell Peppers. Sunray Squash. Spineless Beauty Zucchini. Bronco Green Beans. Assorted herbs. Beautiful potted mums and asters.

Nancy’s Fine Foods: Nancy will be bringing her homemade Panna Cotta this Saturday. Her Panna Cotta, which translates as “cooked cream” from the Italian is a very fine dessert indeed-light and silky smooth. (I translate it to a simple “heavenly”!) Select her fresh mozzarella balls to complement tomatoes and fresh basil from our vendors for the best Caprese salad west of Sicily. Nancy’s southern Italian tomato sauce for this Saturday is Puttanesca. End this meal with her Sfogliatelle–a sweet ricotta-filled pastry. Southern Italy is also known for miles and miles of lemon trees. Lemons are the integral ingredient in Nancy’s Lemon Yogurt Pound Cake, tangy yet sweet, with great citrus taste! Chicken, Walnut and Grape salad is returning as well as those huge Coconut Macaroons.

Olivia’s Bread’s & Alden’s Dessert’s: The breads and other baked goods that Olivia’s brings are made with organic flours that are unbleached and unbromated. They also use natural and organic produce from local farmers and businesses. They believe in using green products and supporting Fair Trade producers. They are known for working with those who have special dietary restrictions or food allergies. To celebrate their new son’s arrival, they have named their dessert line after him-Alden’s Dessert’s. Call ahead if you have a special order for market pick-up: 302-424-4395. Each Saturday, they will bring specialty items. Customer requested treats and delights will be at the market this weekend, and Olivia’s enjoys getting special requests and bringing them to market.

Pasqualini’s Bakery: Bear claws, strudels, Italian bread, cinnamon buns, cookies, fruit pies, muffins, croissants, and more.

Rainbow Farm: They are known for their Lilies in all shapes and colors–Oriental, Asiatic, and LA hybrids. The Lilies are finished for the year, but they will be selling Lily Bulbs so that you can grow your own for next year.

Rainbow Java: Organic, fair-trade coffee, roasted locally. Bolivian Primera Extra (medium roast). Bolivian Cumbre Premium AAA (dark roast). Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (medium roast-drank a cup this morning-excellent taste). Peruvian (medium roast). Sumatra (dark roast). Swiss Water Process Decaf South American Blend (medium roast). Available by the pound. Also, you can purchase a cup of her wonderful coffee, freshly brewed, at the market.

Seaberry Farm: Seaberry Farm will have a selection of heirloom and exotic winter squash and pumpkins as well as trees and shrubs. Now is a good time to plant shrubs because it is cooler, and we have been getting rain. This week they will feature: Beautyberry–a low growing shrub with metallic purple berries that display brilliantly from now into the fall; 3- gallon Curly Willows will be half price.

Surf Bagel: Finished for this season, but you can still purchase their bagels at their store next to Ace Hardware (1030 Highway One, Lewes, DE.)

Sussex Consortium: Really nice Pablano Peppers (great for stuffing). Eggplant. Tomatoes. Freshly-cut basil and cilantro. Cut-flowers.

Please put on your calendar:

September 19, 2009
Lewes Artists’ Studio Tour, 10am – 4pm
Meet 14 nationally and regionally acclaimed local artists in their working environments. Brochures with maps are available at the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, local stores and galleries in Lewes.

September 20, 2009
Lewes Historical Society Third Cannonball 5K Race/Walk. The race, known by many as “The Most Beautiful Race Course in Delaware,” is designed to be a tour of historic Lewes. The course includes breath-taking scenery along Pilottown Road, and views of the Great Marsh, Shipcarpenter Square, Second Street, and the Lewes & Rehoboth Canal. The race ends at The Lewes Historical Society’s Historic Complex in the heart of Lewes. A description of the historic sites along the race route is included in your registration papers. To register for this event please call 302-645-7670 or click Cannonball Race for the pre-registration form.

September 25, 2009
Fourth Annual Taste the Fruit of the Vine: A Benefit for the Sussex County Community Outreach Program. For more information call 302-645-8479 or go to Taste the Fruit of the Vine

The Official Historic Lewes Farmers Market Tote for 2009

Our official HLFM 2009 Market Tote is a Therm-O-Tote–a sturdy tote with an insulated inside to keep produce cool while you shop. There is a zipper closure, dual reinforced 20″ carrying handles, and plastic bottom insert. Measuring 13″w x 10 x 15″h, this earth-friendly bag contains 20% post-industrial recycled content and is reusable. The HLFM store poster graphic appears on one side of the tote with the logo: Historic Lewes Farmers Market-Where Being Fresh is Socially Acceptable. How can you resist? You can get one, two, or more at the HLFM table for a $10 donation to the Market, and be stylin’ for the whole summer.

Goodbye Bottled Water: We do not sell bottled water at the Market. Instead, we provide cold, local water from a jug at the HLFM table, so you can refill your own water bottle at our table. We also have paper cups available.

Did you know that the Historic Lewes Farmers Market has a bookshelf at the Lewes Public Library? You will find all of the books on eating well locally and sustainability that we feature on our website, plus many other titles related to these issues on the HLFM shelf. We donate new titles as we find them. If you have a suggestion for a title related to the HLFM mission to educate the public about sustainable food systems that are environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially responsible, please send the information our way by emailing us:

For other information about the market go to

Send your comments and questions to us at

The market is open rain or shine. See you at market!
– Helaine Harris for the Historic Lewes Farmers Market

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