The Morning News for June 24, 2010

by Dave on June 24, 2010

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The Morning News for Thursday, June 24, 2010:

The FY 2011 Delaware State Budget (Delaware Legislature)

The annual budget, which will be voted on in the next few days, can be found here. (MORE)

Delaware Bay blue crab harvest to be abundant in 2010 (Cape Gazette)

Those who enjoy cracking open a few dozen freshly cooked Delaware blue crabs are in for a treat this year, as blue crab experts expect a bumper crop of the tasty crustaceans. (MORE)

Bradley seeks to move trial to New Castle County (Cape Gazette)

Defense attorneys for accused pedophile Dr. Earl Bradley filed a motion for a change of venue from Sussex County Superior Court to New Castle County Superior Court, Tuesday, June 22. (MORE)

Markell yields on two-tier benefits (News Journal)

Gov. Jack Markell’s office has conceded defeat on efforts to reduce benefits for future state employees, deferring discussions until next year. (MORE)

International protest takes to the beach (Delaware Coast Press)

Clean energy proponents will hold peaceful demonstrations this weekend that will literally and metaphorically draw a human line separating the coast from offshore drilling. (MORE)

Destination Station comes under fire (Delaware Coast Press)

The planned construction of a 50,000-square-foot visitor center at the Resort Transit Park & Ride near Route 1 has residents and city officials calling for a full investigation into the practices utilized to approve the project. (MORE)

Budget calls for bus cuts (Cape Gazette)

School bus drivers and local school districts say the cost of school busing could drive some bus operators out of business, but Gov. Jack Markell says the bus operations are not efficient and with the proposed $3.2 million the state could save by shifting costs to local school districts, 70 more teachers could be hired. (MORE)

Pace of ‘June Bug’ underage drinking citations quickens (Newark Post)

The number of violations have increased during the last week of the underage drinking enforcement initiative that focuses on reducing underage alcohol consumption by those celebrating high school graduation and beach week (often called “June Bugs”). (MORE)

George Metz reappointed to Dewey planning board (Cape Gazette)

Dewey Beach hotel owner George Metz has been appointed to the planning and zoning commission, returning to a panel he’d previously served for six years. (MORE)

Messy triumphs at Dewey Beach wing-eating contest (Cape Gazette)

Glen Thomas didn’t stop. He didn’t even flinch as he demolished two Styrofoam boxes of hot wings drenched in Wings To Go suicide sauce. Dewey Beach traffic slipped by on Route 1 behind him, but Thomas seemed to dwell in a carnivorous Zen as he slurped up 60 wings’ worth of chicken meat. (MORE)

Gay men still banned from donating blood (News Journal)

Shortly after turning 18 in 1979, Allen Jarmon began donating blood. But five years later, the federal government started restricting gay men from making donations because of the HIV/AIDS crisis. (MORE)

Lightning sparks fire at The Peninsula (Cape Gazette)

No one was injured in a three-story, 11-unit fire that occurred at 5:08 a.m., Wednesday, June 23, at The Peninsula in Millsboro. Because of high humidity and extreme summer heat, however, a total of three firefighters and civilians were transported to nearby medical facilities for observation and evaluation. (MORE)

Grubb & Ellis Expands into Southern Delaware (Philly Biz List)

Sandra Ware has joined Grubb & Ellis as vice president, focusing on land and investment sales in Kent and Sussex counties. (MORE)



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