David Perl & His Serendipitous Moments

by Dave on August 6, 2010

By Fay Jacobs

Artist David Perl is known for his amazing nature photographs turned into truly iconic digital art. Self-taught and famously successful, the artist will be shown for the first time in the area at an exhibit beginning on Friday, Aug. 13 at the Thunderbird Gallery in Rehoboth.

The Thunderbird and David Perl will be quite a combination as they are both iconic in their own ways. The Gallery, a long-time cornerstone in the art world in downtown Rehoboth has a knack for introducing truly fine artists to the Delmarva shore. Gallery owner John Wolfle works hard to bring art into his shop that compliments his unique collection of fine art and upscale Southwestern jewelry. And David Perl and his art works fit the bill and are truly worth discovering.

Perl, an award-winning art director, graphic designer and commercial film director has nurtured some of his most prized photographs into striking images on wood, metal and canvas. His work will be at the Thunderbird as part of the Second Saturday Art Walk series on Saturday, Aug. 14. There will be receptions from 7-10 pm both Friday and Saturday nights at the gallery at 200 Rehoboth Avenue.

While still pursuing drawing, painting, furniture design and pottery, Perl’s latest incarnation as an artist utilizes digital photography, enhanced, altered and transformed. His current work features vibrant beach scenes, still life and an abundance of natural settings.

“I am intrigued by country, trees, back roads, flowers, the beach and most other objects in life and places visited,” says Perl, “and I have amassed thousands of digital images that have captured ‘Serendipitous Moments’ and this has become the basic theme to my work.””

To see the images Perl captures and then creates is to get a glimpse of a moment in time in a natural setting. Whether the image is displayed on metal, wood or canvas, Perl makes the subject larger than life.

“The pictures I choose to explore as final pieces of digital art have a basic naturalness that never seems studied or labored. They are exactly as they were when I came upon them,… To me, that is the magic present in the art that surrounds us everywhere, everyday. “

The art of David Perl is created through an exacting digital process. As an extremely high-resolution, high fidelity production, the resulting giclee (zhee-CLAY) is his “original” piece.

According to Perl, Giclees were originally developed as a proofing system for lithograph printing presses, but it became rapidly apparent that the presses were having a hard time matching the quality and color of the giclee proofs. Giclees are now responsible for creating a whole new vibrant medium for the artist.

Giclee range or “gamut” of colors are brighter, longer lasting, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually continuous tone – and they are produced directly from a digital file, saving generations of detail-robbing negatives and printing plates, as compared with traditional printing.

To see more of the fantastic images produced by David Perl you can check out his web site at www.davidperlartist.com. David Perl and his art will be at the Thunderbird Gallery, August 13 & 14 and readers are invited to stop by the gallery to meet the artist and enjoy his work. For more information, contact The Thunderbird Gallery at 302-227-1900.

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