Our ‘Eyecon’ Heading to Vegas?

by Dave on August 16, 2010

by Fay Jacobs

Okay, this is a warning. If you have never seen Rehoboth’s icon Christopher Peterson and his fabulous show Hooray for Hollywood at the Rehoboth Theatre of the Arts, or if you haven’t seen him in a while, now is your very last chance. I mean it.

While there has always been a question of whether Christopher’s amazing show Eyecons returns each summer to the beach, this year the answer is positively no, we won’t have our wonderful local celebrity back next year – the reason? He and his show are moving to Las Vegas! And while we are thrilled for him, we’ve gotta take this news in stride.

Which is why I repeat: If you haven’t caught Christopher’s show this year, run, do not walk, to the Rehoboth Beach Theatre of the Arts (Friday thru Sunday nights through Sept. 19th ONLY) and have the time of your life.

Christopher, known as North America’s premier female impersonator (I prefer illusionist) is simply amazing. On stage with four dancers and a closet full of clothes and wigs, you will swear you are spending an evening watching Streisand, Reba, Bette Davis, Liza, Bette, and bunches more. The way Christopher channels Judy Garland is so brilliant it’s a little spooky.

You will swear you’ve scored the seats of your life at a Bette Midler or Tina Turner concert. Not only does Christopher do his own singing for all his divas, but with just a costume, wig or facial expression he becomes the iconic performer. I’ve been watching the show for a decade now, ever since this Canadian performer stumbled upon Rehoboth in the old days at the Renegade. Since then, locally, he has performed all over town, including the Atlantic Sands, the RB Convention Center and now the RB Theatre of the Arts. When he’s not here, he brings the house down in Key West, LA and in films (His Lucille Ball in The Rat Race was priceless!).

And if the show isn’t enough, the audience is even better. A combo of straight, gay, young and old come together to cheer, laugh their heads off (the man IS funny!) and celebrate Christopher’s talent. Let me tell you how diverse the crowd is – I took my mother to see Christopher and she loved it so much she bought his DVD to share with her friends back home.

And I love the fact that the theatre is set up like a nightclub. The drinks flow, laughter and cheers follow. I have spent many a great evening laughing with Christopher and his ladies.

And if there’s one more thing I have to say about Christopher Peterson, it’s that as much as we’ve loved having him call Rehoboth home for a decade of summers, he’s loved us back. “I don’t know how to thank the people who’ve supported me in this town, both personally and by coming to the show. Almost every show, every bit of new work I have done premiered here in Rehoboth because it felt like family. Rehoboth is home. I have loved ones here.”

And there’s just a few short weeks to join the family. You’ll be thrilled that you did.

No matter what your taste in music or theatre; no matter your age or orientation, I urge you to hurry to the RB Theatre of the Arts at 20 Baltimore Avenue in Rehoboth to see Hooray for Hollywood. Cocktails start at 8pm, 9pm showtime. Call for reservations at 227-9310 or check out the web site at rehoboth-beach-theatre.com.  You’ll say hooray for Christopher, guaranteed!

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