Rehoboth Beach Main Street to continue revitalizing storefronts in Downtown Rehoboth Beach

by Dave on August 19, 2010

Rehoboth Beach Main Street is a non-profit organization devoted to keeping Downtown Rehoboth Beach economically vibrant and looking great. Along with presenting events to bring shoppers, diners & visitors downtown to spend money in our local economy and providing economic programs to support independent businesses, RBMS encourages businesses to have a preservation ethic, a sense of history, and renovation/restoration programs to enhance downtown buildings, signage and streetscapes.

The downtown organization’s recent revitalization efforts focus on empty storefront windows. Partnering with Rehoboth Beach Main Street, Artist Chad Tylecki previously displayed his artwork at the old vacant Cultured Pearl building on the beach block of Wilmington Avenue in Downtown Rehoboth Beach, which has since then leased. Then, Artist Angelica Clemmer and Executive Director of RBMS Jenny Barger teamed together with First Street Station’s Property Manager Clinton Bunting to decorate the corner at First Street and Wilmington Avenue.

Most recently, efforts have continued to Taylor Amalfi’s organic salon, spa and café called “Shockt” (coming soon) at 239 Rehoboth Avenue, where a vintage image of 1950’s women on the beach in Rehoboth and a window painting on the door are now displayed. Taylor is excited to be part of the project, stating “returning from California after 12 years of educating myself organically, it was a ‘no brainer’ to open the first and only organic salon, spa & café in Rehoboth Beach. I adore Rehoboth for its beauty, charm and classic individuality. I am proud to become again a business owner amongst the ‘hippest’ on the east coast. Rehoboth Beach is tops, cutting edge fresh, new. My salon spa & café, “Shockts” will notoriously shine to perfection- pampering clients to perfection, year round, 7 days a week.

The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting public knowledge of and participation in the preservation of the history, culture, architecture, and special character of Rehoboth Beach. Thus, it seemed ideal that they partner with Rehoboth Beach Main Street and the efforts to fill Taylor’s windows until her “Shockts” opens. Rehoboth Beach Museum Director Nancy Alexander suggested putting an image from a vintage postcard to highlight the museum’s collection. An image of women on the beach in downtown Rehoboth Beach during the 1950’s compliments the concept of the upcoming salon. You can find more images such as this at the museum located at 511 Rehoboth Avenue.

Artist Chad Tylecki added to the project by painting on the glass of the building’s front door. The image includes a “coming soon!” message to notify the public of the upcoming organic salon, spa, and café.

RBMS Executive Director Jenny Barger comments, “The intention of these projects is not only to bring beauty to empty windows, but to attract potential leasers to available properties, notify the public of upcoming businesses and encourage artistic expression in the community. It is absolutely worth a trip to Downtown Rehoboth Beach to view this newly installed attraction, as well as the corner of First St and Wilmington Avenue.”

It is hoped that property owners and realtors that have empty storefronts in Downtown Rehoboth Beach will consider continuing the window restoration project by contacting Rehoboth Beach Main Street at 302-227-2772 to learn about the various venues to partner with local artists and to utilize local resources such as the Rehoboth Beach Museum. See for more information on Rehoboth Beach Main Street.

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