Delaware GOP begins weekly video messages

by Michael Short on August 31, 2010

By Michael Short

Delaware Republicans have begun taking their message to the people with a weekly address. The high-tech video message is meant to be a response to Governor Jack Markell’s weekly address.

Plans call for a different Republican each week to speak about issues impacting Delawareans.  “Our goal is to present our side of the debate,” said Delaware Republican Party Communications Director Tom Doheny. “We are out there. We are involved.”

“Our goal is to bring you our take on where things stand in Delaware and offer effective alternatives to the Democrats’ priorities,” said Delaware Republican Party Chair Tom Ross.

This week’s inaugural address took place in Newark against a backdrop of abandoned storefronts. Ross spoke this week and he took the opportunity to hammer at Democrats on economic issues.

“The solution coming from Democrats is to spend money we don’t have and increase taxes to bail out their failed programs. Businesses live in fear that more burdens will be placed on them and have stopped hiring. We need to support innovation and prosperity,” he said. “By cutting taxes and creating incentives, more people will have the means to invest in our future and expand their opportunities. These are the policies that, in the days of Governors du Pont and Castle, attracted businesses to our state and expanded our economy.”

“For the past two years, our economy has suffered tremendous hardships as the result of built-up debt and backwards economic incentives,” he continued.  “Everyday, we  hear  more bad news and sobering economic forecasts that point to uncertainty and fears of a prolonged recovery. People are worried about their jobs while millions struggle to find new ones . . . We need your support to spread the word on our candidates for state senate and state house. But most of all, we need you to get involved and speak out against the policies that are hurting  Delaware and the nation.”

Doheny said the weekly message will mean Delawareans can hear both sides of the political debate. He said the plan is to be fresh and innovative and to present a wide variety of Republican candidates as speakers. “We feel we have much better solutions,” he said. “This will be really beneficial.”

Gov. Markell’s most recent weekly address focused on two new public safety laws, a blue alert law designed to warn the public if a suspect remains at large and a “move over law”  to increase penalties for striking an emergency responder if motorists don’t move over for a stopped emergency vehicle.

For more information, or to see the weekly GOP video, go to or follow the campaigns on twitter or facebook.

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