CPD PAC Endorses Seitz, Laird in Dewey Election

by Dave on September 1, 2010

The political action committee arm of the group Citizens to Preserve Dewey Wednesday night issued endorsements in the Dewey Beach Town Council elections, which will be held on August 25th. Two seats are up in this year’s voting, and the committee has chosen to endorse incumbent Martin Seitz and newcomer Jim Laird. The third candidate in the race is Kelly Ranieri.

A portion of the CPD-PAC statement, released by email:

“We find ourselves at a critical juncture in the history of Dewey Beach. Our collective efforts to preserve the town’s 35 foot building height limit have been under constant attack by Dewey Beach Enterprises, a developer intent on forever changing the landscape of our town — by building a structure in violation of the town’s 35’ height limit. On September 25th, the most crucial election since 2007 for two town commissioners will take place. We are endorsing the two candidates who we strongly believe will best serve our town in the battle to preserve and protect Dewey Beach. If both are not elected, the Town Council could very well be under the thumb of the developers.

The two candidates the CPD PAC is endorsing are current commissioner, Marty Seitz and new candidate, Jim Laird. Both are seasoned veterans of the business world, with extensive experience in dealing with a myriad of complex issues. Commissioner Seitz, in his two years of service to the town, has been firmly behind the fight for 35 feet. Jim has also been actively involved in the efforts to preserve our height limit and has been in attendance at many of the critical town meetings. Both are endorsed by current commissioners Diane Hanson (who has another year in her term) and Marc Appelbaum, who is retiring from the Council after distinguished service.

The third candidate, Kelly Ranieri, has no record until recently of attendance at town meetings or of involvement in the fight for 35 feet, nor does she have the vast business experience of either Commissioner Seitz or Jim Laird. Additionally, since she has not responded to our requests for an interview, we have been unable to question her further on her views and her vision for the future of Dewey Beach.

With so much at stake in this year’s election, we cannot take a chance on a candidate whose motivations are unknown. The election of just one more commissioner on the side of DBE will put the balance of power in the hands of the developer. The governance of our town must remain where it belongs, with you, the citizens of Dewey Beach.

Only your votes will make this happen. Please vote in person on September 25 or vote by absentee ballot as soon as possible.”

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