No challenger for Biden’s AG seat

by Michael Short on September 3, 2010

Attorney General Beau Biden will run for re-election without a Republican opponent.

No Republican has filed to run against Biden, meaning only Independent Party candidate Doug Campbell will face Biden in November. The deadline for political parties to announce candidates was Wednesday, Sept. 1 and the day came and went with no action on Biden’s seat.

To not have the two major parties competing for a statewide office is almost unheard of in Delaware. It happens regularly in local races, but not at the statewide level. Delaware Democratic Party Chairman John Daniello said it’s the first time that a Democrat has run for state office without a major party challenge in 124 years.

Biden said the lack of a major party challenge won’t impact the way he runs his campaign. “Delawareans expect candidates to prove themselves when they are up for election and that is exactly what I am going to do. . . Not having a Republican opponent will not change how I approach this campaign. I have a record of service that I am proud of, one which I will still discuss. I am going to treat the next 62 days the same way I have approached my job for the last four years: working hard to earn the support and trust of the public every day.”

“Beau Biden could not be beaten and the Republicans knew it,” Daniello said. “The bottom line is that no Republican wanted to run against Beau Biden because he is an outstanding attorney general and very popular with Delaware voters.”

That’s not quite the way the Republicans see it. The Republicans have been touting what they feel is a very strong slate of candidates for the fall, in what they anticipate will be a very good year for the GOP. But they concede they would have liked to have had a strong candidate to face the popular incumbent attorney general.

It was difficult to recruit a strong Republican candidate, according to Delaware Republican Party Communications Director Tom Doheny.

Doheny said that Biden has a lot of financial support and that it would take “a whole lot of sacrifice” for a relative unknown to step into the political ring with the “son of the vice president of the United States.”

He said it was “unfortunate” that the Republicans couldn’t field a candidate, but that they remain extremely upbeat about the November elections. “We are extremely excited about this election year.”

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