Richman Downs The “Manimal”

by Dave on September 9, 2010

Adam Richman poses with Deena "Mary" Eskew and Brian "Hoss" Coddens

By Michael Short

The question was could he do it?

Local viewers tuned in last night to watch Man V. Food to find out whether Adam Richman could devour his latest massive meal. This time, it was with a twist. Richman was in Maine at the Tradewinds Cafe run by former Cape Henlopen High School student Deena “Mary” Eskew and her partner Brian “Hoss” Coddens.

The show aired on Sept. 8 and Eskew was sworn to secrecy until after the show was seen.

The answer is yes. Richman spent the day at the Cafe in Arundel, Maine owned by the couple for the last three years and did what few have done before.

He “heeded the call of the wild” and became a “Manimal”.

The “Manimal Challenge” has been accomplished before, but only rarely. You have to down two slaw dogs, an order of fries, a soft drink and the ochoburger, which is eight layers of beef, cheese and onions on a bun.

Then, for the finishing touch, you have to drink a butter pecan ice cream milk shake with three scoops of ice cream, milk and a whole plate of coffee cake in the milk shake. It’s from a family recipe and is called the “mother futcher” after Grandmother Futcher.

You have 20 stomach churning minutes to accomplish the task.

Richman quickly mastered the burger, downing it in about five minutes. Eskew shouted encouragement that he could make it. The audience cheered “Man Vs. Food’ as he tackled the rest of the more than four pounds of food.

He started on the dogs covered with what he called “two pitchforks of coleslaw.” That’s when he hit the eating wall and slowed down.

But he rallied and finished all but the milk shake in about 13 minutes. Then, he had to tackle the one pound shake which is so thick it has to be chewed. It was the hardest part of the challenge and there were plenty of “mother futcher” jokes.

But he not only made it, he shattered the eating record by five minutes, according to Eskew.

“Finally, in one mighty gulp, man conquers the beast. . . It’s an honor to be part of the “manimal” kingdom,” he said as he took questions during a mock press conference. “What a sweet mother futcher.”

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