DE Republicans File FEC Complaint Against O’Donnell, Tea Party Express

by Dave on September 10, 2010

The Republican Party of Delaware filed a complaint today with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to investigate potentially illegal coordination between the Christine O’Donnell campaign for Senate and the Tea Party Express Political Action Committee (PAC), a national group based in Sacramento, Calif.

The filing shows that the O’Donnell campaign is knowingly accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Tea Party Express PAC. It points to two alarming instances of this activity:

* O’Donnell has knowingly accepted excessive contributions from the Tea Party Express that were directly solicited on behalf of the O’Donnell campaign.

* O’Donnell has accepted illegal excessive contributions from the Tea Party Express by engaging in a statewide coordinated communications effort in support of her campaign. This means that every advertisement that is being run by the Tea Party Express in support of Ms. O’Donnell is a violation of Federal law.

The filing goes on to show that the illegal scheme means that Ms. O’Donnell and the Tea Party Express PAC have placed contributors who have donated in response to solicitations from the PAC in jeopardy of exceeding their own personal contribution limits under Federal law.

Last week, the Tea Party Express began running political advertisements on behalf of the O’Donnell campaign and pledging to dump a $250, 000 “moneybomb” in their attempt to influence Delawareans in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday. As Talking Points Memo reported yesterday, the group has been sending out “many fundraising appeals for O’Donnell’s candidacy,” and has revealed that they “aren’t taking in donations from strictly Delaware voters.”

“Christine O’Donnell needs to immediately call upon her third party supporters to cease and desist this illegal behavior,” Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross said. “This type of behavior has no place in our political process, and O’Donnell should denounce these illegal ads. Donors deserve to know whether they made an illegal donation so they can demand a refund and get their money back.”

Full FEC Complaint (PDF)

release from Delaware Republican Party

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