Kris Eats

by Chef Kris Etze on September 20, 2010

Life sure is funny. During my previous teaching career, I tried to convince my patient husband, Tony, of the urgent need to change our last name back to its original – something folks could spell and surely pronounce. It’s Etze, pronounced “Eats” from the Italian “Izzo”. But nowadays, as a personal chef, it actually works for me!

My passion for all things food began at a young age when I realized that my grandmother had the amazing ability to clip interesting recipes and to “test” them on my family. Many were great, some not so great, but we usually tweaked them into something we enjoyed. In a way, cooking has been an art form for most of my life. Tasting just makes the process more so.

Today my audience is my incredible husband, my clients and excited folks who come to cooking classes. We explore together the world of making things look and taste the way WE prefer. Life is the ability to insert ingredients we choose to produce the life we dream of. That’s the life I am blessed to be living now. Making food what I do is “icing on the cake”, so to speak.

It is with much pleasure and anticipation that I look forward to sharing together tales, recipes and life around food. Kris Eats and Kris enjoys.

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