by Dave on September 20, 2010

Thanks to all of you, we have a pretty big audience here at CoastalSussex.com. And we felt like it was time to offer certain people in the community the chance to speak to our audience, to share great things about the Delaware Beaches which don’t fall into our daily news coverage.

To do that, we’ve created the Coastal Sussex Voices program. Each of our Voices will provide regular blog posts on the things their passionate about. To begin, we’ve selected a few Voices to set the tone for the program. They are:

  • Mark Carter: Dogfish Head events guy, head of the Surfrider Foundation, avid outdoorsman and kayaker.
  • Chef Kris Etze: the woman behind Abracadinner!, and a superb in-home chef with an infectious personality.
  • Phil Hagen: connoisseur of craft beer, lover of all things local.
  • The Center for the Inland Bays: protectors of the wetlands, educators of the outdoors, lovers of the Delaware coast (and really neat people!).
  • Michael Loftus: creator of Coach’s Corner, financial adviser, and very active in the Bethany-area community.
  • Fay Jacobs: a real beach All-Star, former head of Rehoboth Beach Main Street, board member at CAMP Rehoboth, author, publisher, you name it.

There will be many more to come. If you think you have a passion that is relevant to our area, send us an email and request to become a Voice. But before you do, be sure that you are in it for the right reasons. If you just want to promote your business or industry with an eye toward the bottom line, the Voice program is not the place for you. What we’re looking for is people who will promote the Delaware beaches, our great people, products, natural places and history. If you feel like that’s you, send us an email at info@coastalsussex.com and let us know why the Voice program is right for you.

Voices will also serve as our “letter to the editor” program. So if you feel the urge to communicate in that fashion, we will be happy to print your letter in the Voices column.

Enjoy the Voices program! Leave comments and support their efforts so we can get this program off the ground! You will always be able to find the full archive of Voices at http://www.coastalsussex.com/category/voices/.

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