Concierge At The Beach

by Fay Jacobs on September 23, 2010

With the world getting busier and busier, I’ve been joking that not only do I need an extra spouse for the honey-do list, but a butler and personal shopper would be helpful too.

I found out I can have those things at a fraction of what I thought it would cost. Just as long as I don’t offend the home fires by calling the service an extra spouse!

Seriously, I have finally met someone who is offering a successful local concierge service here at the beach. Her name is Kathleen Leebel and her company is Concierge by the Sea.

And I wouldn’t be using my ink (okay, pixels) to tell you about all this except I have seen her work in person and I can vouch for the value of the company and the extra mile Kathleen is willing to go.

“How would you describe the service?” I asked Kathleen over breakfast the other day,

and she had a great answer.

“I can be the general contractor for your life.”

Wow. That’s exactly what I need.

“Your business can tackle or get a referral for anything people need?”

“As long as it’s legal!” says Kathleen.

For tourists spending their vacation here in a beach house here, concierge service is a natural – the usual stuff like stocking the fridge, renting bikes or cribs, making dinner recommendations and reservations, etc. Concierge by the Sea had a banner season because they do their jobs so well.

For second home owners Concierge by the Sea takes the aggravation and work out of opening beach houses for the season, or more importantly, watching over these second homes off-season. Concierge can provide linen service, maintenance services and really, everything to take the hassle out of beach house ownership and living.

Lots of folks have put together business plans for this service, but Kathleen got it done and got it done successfully. She’s been in business several seasons now and I am amazed at her success.

For busy locals, Concierge can handle chores from picking up dry cleaning to planning parties and events. And they do it professionally and expertly.

Watching Kathleen plan a party or an event (mostly in the off-season, as the businesses is usually booked with beach house chores in the summer) is a thing of beauty. Her enthusiasm and incredible network of referrals can find you absolutely everything you need.  From destination weddings to family reunions, Concierge will help you pull it off with all the best bells and whistles at the best price. I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen on a big event and she made it fun while keeping everybody calm. Now that’s a service that’s priceless.

But the general contractor for maintenance projects is really the best.  I have a small project I want to do at my house. I almost lost my mind dealing with big contractors who don’t want to bother with a little job. I’ve sent Kathleen off to figure out the best way and best person for the job, get me an estimate and help me get the deed done – bless her!

So look at that honey-do list, think about all those things you need to do and don’t have the time or inclination for and check out Concierge by the Sea. You’ll be amazed. Like their slogan says, Live the good life, better.

I’ll settle for living the good life a little less hassled!

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