Delaware House Republicans Release ‘Putting Delaware First’

by Dave on September 25, 2010

Following on the heels of the Pledge to America, released by U.S. Senate and Congressional Republicans Thursday afternoon, Republican leaders in the Delaware State House of Representatives have unveiled their own version of the pact.

Titled “Putting Delawareans First,” the brief document details the principles under which Delaware’s House Republican leaders pledge to operate and specific initiatives they promise to introduce and back in the upcoming legislative session.

“We’re sending this out to our caucus members now and we’re confident these principles and proposed actions will get broad support,” said State House Minority Leader Dick Cathcart (R-Middletown). “We have been operating under these guidelines already, and most of the initiatives are actions we have previously proposed. However, I think there is merit in drawing a line that everyone can see and saying: ‘This is what we stand for.’”

State House Minority Whip Dan Short (R-Seaford) said the pledge will help citizens, who may not be aware of what House Republicans have been trying to do on their behalf. “I think the vast majority of the public would favor the proposals we’re making in this document, but I doubt many people know about them. Our House and Senate are Democrat controlled and a lot of these measures have been bottled-up and killed, not because of their lack of virtues but due to pure political considerations. I challenge Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party members and those that are independent to look at what we’re proposing, decide if these ideas are worthy of their support and, if so, take action to help us get them done.”

The Putting Delawareans First document contains five principles that call for House Republicans to oppose tax hikes; fight the growth of state spending; support measures to make government more transparent and accountable; protect citizens’ right to choose their own healthcare options; and safeguard Delaware’s state right to govern itself.

The document also contains nine specific legislative proposals that will be introduced in the next session of the General Assembly.

“I was the prime sponsor of many of the measures we’re citing,” said State Rep. Greg Lavelle (R-Sharpley). “These are common sense measures that met a political death without a genuine explanation. I want to hear the reasonable arguments for killing a bill to ensure that our citizens get a chance to examine the budget before it’s passed or another to guarantee that future General Assembly sessions comply with the state’s Freedom of Information Act. If there are good reasons those things shouldn’t be law, I haven’t heard them.”

release from Delaware House Republicans

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