Broadway At The Beach

by Dave on October 7, 2010

by Carrie Daniel

Last Thursday, September 30th, marked Clear Space Theatre Company’s first night in their new home: the Rehoboth Theatre of the Arts. And what better way to celebrate a brand new season of theatrical fun…than by organizing a star-studded, red carpet extravaganza? Complete with celebrity hostess “Stormy Weather,” a fully-stocked bar, and gourmet treats, the event definitely set the tone for the company’s current, exciting production, 100 Years of Broadway, which premiered shortly after and is still running…but only through this Saturday.

That’s right—you have three more nights to witness the eight, talented cast members who light up the Baltimore Avenue stage in true Broadway form. And I’m serious when I say this: these actors could be living and working in New York, but, lucky for us, they’ve chosen to grace our community with their top-notch vocal stylings and snappy dance moves. This is definitely an ensemble that you don’t want to miss!

What else to expect this evening (or tomorrow, or the next), you ask? The showcase of Broadway hits starts off with songs from Hello, Dolly! and The Music Man, meanders through familiar gems of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s (including West Side Story and Hairspray), and ends with a high-energy number from the recent hit musical Jersey Boys. The costumes are stylish and elegant, the choreography is inventive and engaging, and, most importantly, the performances are full of humor. And of course, all production elements come into play—live music, sound, and lighting—to make for a truly professional show.

Company Directors Ken Skrzesz and Doug Yetter are both enthusiastic about the possibilities inherent in their new Rehoboth Beach home:

“We are thrilled about the new location,” says Yetter, who, alongside members of the Creative Team, handles Clear Space’s artistic and aesthetic undertakings. He is particularly excited about having the opportunity to create new acoustic experiences for audience members, as the company, for the first time since its founding, has free reign over seating arrangements and stage construction. “For our next show, Our Town,” he explains, “we plan to extend the stage out into the audience, so that audience members will actually feel like they are a part of the show.”

Indeed, Clear Space is all about including the audience—and the community at large—in their artistic endeavors. Executive Director Skrzesz expresses the company’s desire to transform their new venue into a bustling community center:

“We want people to see this as a vital community center for the arts—as an exciting cultural meeting place,” he says. He goes on to explain that, in addition to their monthly shows, which will feature both local actors and professional guest artists, the company plans to hold frequent seminars for the public on topics such as Choreography, Musical Composition, and Show Creation. They’re also hosting a variety of cultural events, including an upcoming trip to New York City to see ELF! The Musical on Broadway.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to Baltimore Avenue and experience the theatrical excitement for yourself!

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