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by Fay Jacobs on October 14, 2010

I have a confession to make. I’m terrible at math. So terrible, in fact, that I needed a tutor to get me through Algebra II. I remember how I had to go to this old man’s house, which always smelled of onions, and have him try to help me with trigonometry problems when he could hardly see or hear. I never understood a hypotenuse and I have math damage for life.

Boy, have things changed!

These days, if a student needs a tutor, there’s a dynamic national company called Club Z In-Home Tutoring, which has a very active franchise in the area. Under the leadership of Anita Pettitt of Rehoboth Beach, this local Club Z sends teaching professionals, matched to the particular student and family, directly to a student’s home to help with skills and classroom work.

“If the parent requests it, we will even call the classroom teacher to make sure that the tutoring supports what the teacher is doing in class,” says Pettitt, who has a long and successful track record with the program.

She began her business in Southern New Jersey and still has a flourishing branch there, but came to the beach to live six years ago. A coastal Club Z soon followed.

In keeping with the trend to buy local, this Club Z is more like learn local. Unlike some learning centers, Club Z has no long-term contracts or requirement for extensive hours of instruction. Club Z works with students on current classroom curriculum and offers remedial support as needed.

I asked how the tutors are selected.

“They are all either certified teachers or credentialed professionals,” says Pettitt.
“What kind of people wind up working with the clients?”

Pettitt told me there have been teachers in various stages of their careers, medical students, a minister, a whole host of PhD’s and even a top engineer for upper level math. Now that’s the guy I could have used way back when.

Why do these folks take time from their regular jobs to tutor? “It’s what every teacher or professional wants – to be able to teach one-on-one and change a child’s life,”

Pettitt says, “It’s amazing to make a difference.”

And Club Z itself is committed to making a difference. The national organization offers an annual scholarship of up to $10,000 dollars twice a year to students – and one of our Learn Local students, from Sussex Tech, has already won one of the prizes. The deadline for the Club Z Scholarship is coming up Nov. 12. Students can nominate themselves or be nominated by a teacher or counselor. And the award is based on performance, merit, service, and achievement – they are seeking well-rounded student nominees. For more information about the scholarship you can check out the Club Z In-Home Tutoring website at www.clubztutoring.com.

And of course, if you have a student at home who could use some help, math or otherwise, Contact Anita Pettitt and Club Z at 302-227-7542 or clubzrehoboth@comcast.net.

“During every hour of instruction the tutor will include study skills, organization, and time management technique” Pettitt says. And Club Z offers tutoring in all the critical subjects, including reading, math and science, as well as study skills, SAT, ACT and other test prep.

Go ahead, let Club Z tutors help your kids Learn Local!

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