Reality Comes To Dewey

by Dave on October 22, 2010

by Carrie Daniel

The Rusty Rudder was bustling with excitement last Saturday night as dozens of young locals auditioned for an upcoming reality television show, to be filmed in Dewey Beach during the summer of 2011.

Auditionees aged 21 – 35 were instructed to fill out questionnaires detailing their professional lives and personal interests; they were then interviewed by director Alex Pires, whose production company, Highway One Films, is spearheading the project in conjunction with Blaich-Flaum Productions of Los Angeles.

Pires, along with colleagues John Snow and Vikki Walls aim to create a show about bartenders in Dewey Beach—one that chronicles their interactions before, during and after work on a daily basis.  Selected participants are expected to live for a summer in a group beach house and work together at North Beach.

“We aim to create humor,” says Pires of the production.  “We are looking for people who are funny, daring and honest.”

Perhaps the most interesting part of the casting event was the social gathering that took place after the conclusion of the interview process; auditionees flocked to the bar area of the Rusty Rudder to be filmed by Pires’ crew.  Their interactions were closely monitored, as Pires assessed their compatibility with one another and with the North Beach bartenders that have already been cast.

“I was very impressed with the caliber of people who auditioned Saturday night,” says Pires of the lively crew that gathered for the event, many of which are seasoned local bartenders and servers.

Kyle Travis, 25, of Rehoboth Beach has been bartending at the Purple Parrot for four years—he auditioned for the show on Saturday and is excited by the prospect of being selected.

“I see it as an opportunity to have fun,” says Travis.  “I would get paid to do what I do already…so, why not?”

Though all participants will be required to work as bartenders, previous bartending experience is not a requirement to be on the show.  Jessica Nowacki, 25, of Bethany Beach, who auditioned alongside Travis, is actually a full-time social worker.

“This is completely out of my comfort zone, but I’ve always wanted to do it,” she says of being on a reality show.  “This would be really different and exciting for me.”

Nowacki and Travis were among several 20-something hopefuls who waited at the Rudder until last call to see whether they would be asked back for phase two of auditions.  Pires’ team sent out a round of text messages at 1:30 AM to those selected for further consideration.

The cast has not yet been determined, nor has a television network been secured, but Pires has high hopes:  he plans to pitch to Bravo, E! and MTV.

Filming will begin in April of 2011.

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