QRCF building better schools and communities; one classroom at a time

by Michael Short on February 24, 2011

By Michael Short

With classroom grants and needs-based scholarships, a local organization has launched a major campaign to improve schools.

The Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation has reached out to local taxpayers to help the Indian River School District.  Education has always been a  top prioity for the QRCF with scholarships and grants among its many programs.

Since 2001, the QRCF has distributed $115,000 in grants and scholarship monies to Indian River School District students.

But there’s still too many needy students and not enough money. So, the “Back Our Schools” initiative was launched this fall. With the “Back Our Schools” program, people can contribute to a fund that will be used for scholarships and for grants that go directly to the classroom teacher.

A letter went out to residents last month and within 24 hours, contributions were starting to come in. There’ still too many needy students and not enough money, but organizers say the community has  warmly embraced the idea.

QRCF normally works in the Bethany Beach and Fenwick Island areas, but has decided to reach out to the entire Indian River School District. QRCF Secretary Mary Franz said that better schools mean a better work force, higher property values and better communities.

“We have 600 teachers and I bet everyone of them needs something,” she said.

The program won’t buy paper or chalk. But it might help pay for field trips, dictionaries or bulbs for overhead projects for smart boards because the money will be used for items not already paid for by federal, state or local dollars.

“The sky is the limit,” Franz said.

A letter sent to taxpayers in the school district said the program will directly impact students because it goes straight to classroom teachers. Building principals verify that the request is a real need.

But after that, it will “directly” impact classroom teachers, according to that letter. “We remove the bureaucratic red tape and make a direct impact on our students and our schools.”

“We were adamant that we wanted the money to get to the kids,” Franz said.

QRCF President Diane Comolli said “the best and strongest communities are the ones where schools have partnerships.”

“People in our community will be able to see exactly where their money is going. It is transparent,” she said. “It’s going to move schools forward. Consequently, it moves communities forward.”

Franz said the goal is to ensure that “every child is as successful as we can help make them be.”

In addition to the classroom grants, the program will also be used to fund needs-based scholarships for students.

“The Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF) is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the Bethany-Fenwick and surrounding areas by providing financial aid resources and other assistance in support of programs, individuals and organizations that enhance our community for both residents and visitors alike,” according to the group’s website.

The QRCF held one of its’ major events on Saturday, Dec. 4. The annual Caribbean Christmas benefited The Wellness Community-Delaware, The William O. Murray Scholarship Fund, Camp Barnes and community grant and scholarship funds.

To make a tax-deductible donation or to find out more about the Back to School initiative, go to www.qrcf.org or email info@qrcf.org. You may also call 537-7723.

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